Perfect Moment Monday: Three

ImageChef.comToday, Monday, marks the end of my third year of blogging. Tomorrow begins my fourth. Happy blogoversary to me!

Last year you brought me gifts in the form of comments, in which you explained which were your favorite posts from the past two years. I adored reading your presents SO MUCH. The gifts you gave me became a tab at the top of my blog.

This year, I’m asking┬á you to remember how you first came across Weebles Wobblog (or me, if we knew each other in real life first), and tell a little story about our early interactions.

Thank you for so many perfect moments over the years!


Perfect Moment Monday is about noticing a perfect moment rather than creating one. Perfect moments can be momentous or ordinary or somewhere in between.

Once a week we engage in mindfulness about something that is right with our world. Everyone is welcome to join. Details on how to participate are at the bottom of this post, complete with bloggy bling.

Please visit the links of the participants at the bottom.


To participate in Perfect Moment Monday:

  1. Between Sunday night and Tuesday night, write up your own Perfect Moment in a blog post, on Twitter, on Facebook, or simply leave a comment below.
  2. Grab the URL of your Perfect Moment.
  3. Use LinkyTools below to enter your blog’s name and the URL of your Perfect Moment
  4. Visit the Perfect Moments of others (from the links below), and let the writers know you were there.

Once you make a Perfect Moment post , you may place this button on your blog.

What Perfect Moment have you recently been aware of? Be sure to visit these moments and share the love, and please come back next week (click to subscribe).

60 thoughts on “Perfect Moment Monday: Three”

  1. I first found you through Mel’s blog.  I am pretty sure it was during an ICLW event.  I got sucked in by the wonderfulness that is you…the peaceful spirit, the radiating joy and beauty…and now you are stuck with me.

  2. happy 3rd blogoversary!!  hooray for three and cheers to four. 

    I wish I could remember how I found you.  was it one of your fabulous thoughtful posts on open adoption?  it must have been, but how to remember which one and where I found it.  my guess is through mel.  I’m just glad I did.

  3. I wish I could remember how I found you – I’m sure it was through Show & Tell – but I’m very glad I did!

    Happy 3rd Blogoversary!

  4. And now I go to you for fabulous posts on open adoption.

    I’m so glad we found each other.

  5. How did I find Lori… That, my dear, is an excellent question shrouded by the mists of time, motherhood, and the large glass of wine I drank while cooking dinner.

    Best guess is that YOU found ME and left me a comment in my brief fling with blogging, and then I followed you home.

  6. Happy blogoversary! I haven’t the foggiest idea from where the first connection came, but I’m guessing it had something to do with The Realm of the Stirrup Queen.

  7. Happy blogoversary!!!
    I am pretty sure I started reading your blog after I met you in person and you were such a kind wonderful person.  

  8. Pingback: Lori
  9. Pingback: Lori
  10. Happy Blogversary!  I’m pretty sure we met on adoption forums… somewhere… I just don’t remember where or when!  But I’m so glad that we did!!

  11. Happy Blogaversary
    Happy Blogaversary
    Happy Blogaversary
    HHAAAAAPPY Blogaversary!!  (Hope I stayed in tune)

    I found my bestie at the Blogger site.  Our blogs were ranked right by each other (I loved the pretty header colors.. ya, I’m deep like that).  I spent the next several hours sucked into WW & Drama2BMama and was hooked.  THEN I joined COLO Bloggers and mercilessly stalked her until she had no choice but be my friend. 

    Thank you for sharing your life with us and for being such an amazing friend.  You are a priceless gem to so many of us!!  Keep on bloggin’ sistah!

  12. i found you through JJ’s blog and I’m so glad I did!

    Happy, Happy, Happy blogoversary to you!!!!!

  13. I don’t remember either, to be honest. I think it was either through the Stirrup Queen or Pamela Jeanne. But I’m glad I did. ; ) Happy blogoversary!

  14. I remember your fling! You have such an amazing story. I’m glad that even though you quit writing, you didn’t quit me.

  15. And now we find each other paired EVERYwhere!

    I think I found you first. I was a little in awe and still am.

  16. Hard to believe that was 2 years ago! I’m glad blogging and BlogHer brought us together ­čÖé .

  17. Stalkers like you make blogging fun! I’m thinking of you especially this week, my friend.

  18. I went to a IF support group a few years ago where I met a local blogger.  Through her, I met you.  Happy blogovarisary!

  19. Um,  don’t remember how we “met” and to be honest(I remember seeing you a lot on Mel’s blog in the comments and I always liked your point of view)’s only been lately that I have read you and really FOUND I’ll say that I like the way you INCLUDE me, make me feel special and relevant, even when I’m not. I love how you got me interested in Perfect Moment Mondays…and visit my blog.
    I think you’re AMAZING!!!!

    HAPPY BLOGVERSARY!!!! Here’s to many many MORE years of wonderful writing from you!!!!! xo


  20. Happy Blogoversary! I think the first time I was aware of you was watching the video from the BlogHer ALI panel, but the first time we interacted was during a BBBB when you erroneously congratulated me for becoming a mom due to confusion over my blog name. ­čÖé

  21. I also found you through Mel’s blog.  How could I resist something called “Weebles Wobblog”?

    You lost the schtick factor around the time I realized how brilliant you are. ­čÖé

  22. It’s always wonderful to know another blogger IRL. I’m so excited for your upcoming plans, Denver Laura.

  23. Heck that’s nothing. You ARE special. Thanks for your kind words. I love reading about your perfect moments (and other stuff).

  24. Oh, yes. The Great Misunderstanding of 2008. I’m so glad you set me straight and didn’t hold it against me.

    Although my error WAS kind of prophetic.

  25. I was so happy to have found you, too, QD. I love your awareness and brilliance. And occasional schtick ­čÖé .

  26. Happy Blogoversary!  I found you through Mel’s blog. I can’t thank you enough for blogging about open adoption and the ups and downs of it all. Now you can’t get rid of me. Thanks for all the inspirations!

  27. Soooo excited to participate in perfect moment today- it is my FIRST one! Happy 3 years!!! I can’t remember the when or the how- I’m just glad it happened!!

  28. I found you on Twitter long before I became a regular blog reader.   And it was in an incantation before @LavLuz … I found you because you were in the Colorado circle of the Venn Diagram of me.   We had been trying to get some traction on our PerfectMomentProject blog and I noticed you were starting up with a Perfect Moment Monday.

       At first I thougnt, whoa, she stole our idea.  But I soon realized we were actually finding each other at the same time with a very similar idea of being mindful, aware, realizing the importance of seeing the beauty in the usual, the perfect in every moment. 

    That was about two years ago.  And since then, we have shared many moments including a wonderful lunch IN REAL LIFE.   So glad we crossed paths, Lori.   Happy Anniversary.

  29. I met you through Chicklet when we had you do our fabulous header at All Thumbs. You were very patient with, and working with me was good training for parenting a toddler, I’m sure.

  30. Thank you, Robin. You are one of the treasures of blogging and Twitter. I love that our paths intersected so.

  31. So thankful I found your blog! Happy blogaversary–and whoohoo for jumping into the 4th year! Loads of hugs!

  32. I don’t remember exactly when we met, but it was pretty darn close to the first day of my life.

    You are a great sister! Happy Blogoversary!!

  33. oops! Sent too soon. I first found you through the Perfect Moment Monday posts. I love that you always make sure to find something to publicly celebrate every week!

  34. Hmmm – I honestly don’t remember.  Maybe through Stirrup Queens?  Isn’t that where we find everybody?!?!

    You have always struck me as such a calm, insightful and eloquent person.  I love your writing and I love the warm fuzzies I get when I read it.

    Happy Blogoversary!

  35. I tried to find our first email to each other, but we write each other so damn much that I gave up after sifting through the first 400 emails or so because I was still in 2009!  I think we met back in 2007, via the Waiting for Daisy book tour.  I think that was the first time I read you.  If I only knew then what an amazing friendship I would still have years later and for years to come.