The readers speak: Life From Scratch Book Tour

Whether you signed up for this book tour back in December or if you are merely here to read what book tourists have to say, welcome to the Life From Scratch book tour. It’s the tour that takes place from the comfort of your own sitting area, so get yourself some coffee or tea and pull up a virtual chair. And while it’s nice to have read the selected book, it’s not required.

Members of this virtual book club have been reading the first published work of fiction by author Melissa Ford, also of the award-winning blog, Stirrup Queens and also of the successful nonfiction book, Navigating the Land of IF: Understanding Infertility and Exploring your Options.

Participants then contributed questions for the rest of the group to answer and discuss, as well as questions for the author to address. Each tourist received a list of questions from which to choose, and each answers those questions on her own blog.

We’ll spend today, tomorrow and Thursday discovering what these book readers have to say. Then on Saturday, Melissa will answer questions posed to her by the book clubbers. So make sure to come back for the next several days, or, better yet, subscribe.

Come along on each stop. EVERYONE is welcome to read and comment on the blogs of the participants below — even if you haven’t read the book. In fact, it would be especially rewarding for the tour participants if you DO comment. It’s highly likely that a lot of time and thought has gone into each person’s contribution. Leaving a comment is kind of like clapping at the end of a play — it lets those on stage know you were there, adding your energy to the performance.

So begin clicking! Here are links to  all book tourists for Life From Scratch . If a post isn’t up yet, try again later in the day.

Write Mind Open Heart

Four of a Kind

Dragondreamer’s Lair

The Road Less Travelled

Tales of Rachel

I Am Not a Handbag

My Preconceived Notion

Here We Go Again

CD 1 Again

Misconceptions about Conception

Turkey in My Oven

Baby Smiling in Back Seat

The Kir Corner

Dreaming of Quiet Places


Little Steps to Baby Steps

Fertility Challenged in Florida

Too Many Fish to Fry

Bag Momma


Remember to come back Saturday for insights from author Melissa Ford.

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