Reason #42 why Grandma rules and Mom drools

Grandma Marshmallow (as she calls herself) and Tessa went Christmas shopping while I met a Twitter friend. Tessa got to use a contraption she’s always wanted to use but has never been able to extract permission to use. You know, from Iron Mom.

When I came back to pick them up, this is what I saw.

How did I finally pry Tessa’s fingers off the control panel?

By pulling the Santa card, of course.

Which will likely never work again.

13 thoughts on “Reason #42 why Grandma rules and Mom drools”

  1. Yea, grandmas break all the rules! I have to discipline my mother when she doesn’t comply with basic behavior changing rules…

  2. Ha! Super awesome. My dad drives those and I sometimes think, “hey, am I really too big to ride along?” Yes, I am but oh that does look like fun!!!!

  3. That looks like fun. Will Grandma Marshmallow take me for a ride too?

    I think I broke the Santa card…or my daughter. She’s been kinda anti-listening lately, so I told her that Santa wouldn’t bring her presents if she didn’t listen. Based on normal motivational behavior, I would have thought that might make her more willing to listen. Yesterday, we bought some gifts for the little girl next door’s birthday, and my daughter was dying to open the gifts and play with them herself. I told her (among other things) that she would be getting some presents when Santa comes, so she didn’t need these. She assured me that Santa was not coming and that she wouldn’t be getting any presents. I guess that’s why I saw no improvement on the listening…she has already resigned herself to Santa not coming.

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  5. Hoooot! I love it.

    Sometimes I turn the other way when my mother is doing something I’d never allow my daughter to do. If I make myself known, I’d have to intervene, and that’s just tiring.

  6. I have to admit, they are kind of fun. Especially when you feel like you can’t walk another step but I’m sure Tessa had a blast.

  7. It looks like Tessa is pretty comfortable driving…only a couple of more years!

    OK. More than a couple…thank goodness!

    About using the “Santa card?” I say, do it until you can’t use it any longer. 🙂

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