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Saturday Mornings

At age 10: Waking up early for cartoons. Land of the Lost and Schoolhouse Rock.

At age 20: Recovering from the night before. Drinking a lot of water and trying to quell the headache.

At age 30: Sleeping in. Coffee and crossword puzzles in bed with Husband.

At age 40: Getting up to my hungry baby and my entertain-me toddler.

Now (not 50, but I don’t want to hang on to this post until then): Suiting up for Zumba. Sneaking in some writing time while my kids watch cartoons (nothing as good as Land of the Lost and Schoolhouse Rock!) and Husband makes me coffee.

2022: Having coffee in the living room with Husband, each of us reading something off our very high to-be-read list and one of us needing readers. Discussing world events, work issues, and touching base about our daughter and son. Taking Dexter for a walk.

What are your Saturday mornings like? How were they different in your previous eras?

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14 Responses

  1. Good question. Up until 10 it was waking up early for cartoons. I’d drag my blanket out and get cozy on the couch. Maybe twice a month we’d have what my mom called “Super Saturdays,” which were anything BUT super. She’d put on a mega murder mixtape and we’d CLEAN every inch of the house from top to bottom. Not fun.

    Early 20s was sleeping in cuddled up with Frank. Mid to late 20s was waking up with the kiddos.

    Early 30s is sleeping in a little again, now that the bigger kids are old enough to get cereal for themselves and fix a bowl for Kaelyn, too. We get up for the day around an hour after they do, which is about the length of time it takes from the moment they get up to the time we start hearing them make noise out there.

  2. A good evolution, I’d say. 🙂 It seems like we’re always traveling on the weekends so we’re waking up in whatever destination & playing. If we’re home? We relish with pancakes, cartoons and an morning bike ride.

  3. Hang out playing legos while we wait for Daddy to wake up…he likely worked on the computer until 2am and needs to sleep until at least 10am. Oh the life with a computer programmer!

  4. mine have been very similar to yours, minus the zumba and replacing today’s cartoons with puzzles (J doesn’t watch TV yet). I wonder though if kids today will share the nostalgia we do for when the shows were really good?

  5. Our Saturday mornings often involve sleeping in and the lounging around on the couch & reading together. But, we BOTH love School House Rock. You can find them all on Youtube. One of Janan’s favorite t-shirts I found for her at a local thrift store has the SHR logo on the front with all the characters! :o)

    Mama really needs to add some type of exercise to her morning though….

  6. Age 10 was cartoons for me as well! Most of my early 20s I spent Saturday mornings either getting up to go to work or going home to go to bed after work (darn those ambulances needing to be run 24-hours-a-day!) My late 20s and now my 30s are a mix of cartoons, puzzles, laundry, and breakfasts with hungry kids – now that they are getting to be school-age, I am really starting to enjoy the (only a little bit) slower pace of Saturday mornings.

  7. My Teens: Waking up at noon and eating an entire box of mac & cheese for breakfast but never gaining a pound because I swam 12 hours a week.

    My Twenties: Waking up at 10am and going for a run/meeting up for brunch/nursing a hang over/insert over-indulgent activity here.

    My Thirties: Waking up at 6am to give my daughter a bottle and going back to bed. Waking up at 7:30am and trying to muster the energy and enthusiasm for sex, or giving in to my internet addiction and checking Twitter or my reader for new posts.

  8. Oh my!

    Age 10: Waking up early to watch cartoons definitely.

    Age 20: Waking up early to feed my first born and watch cartoons.

    Age 30: Sleeping in, nursing heartburn. I was pregnant for my second born for most to that year.

    Age 40 (this Sept): Waking up early and watch cartoons.

    Hmmmm, a lot of cartoon watching hehe

  9. We had to go to CCD on Saturdays when I was a kid, because we didn’t go to Catholic school. 🙁 Plus, my mom hated cartoons.

    Now, I enjoy sleeping until…um…6:30 on a good day and watching cartoons/reading my book until it’s time to go to the library for story/craft time. That’s a huge improvement over swim lessons!

  10. These days I try to sleep in and then sneak in a little writing/blog reading.

    But coffee and crossword puzzles in bed with the husband sounds like a good idea too. We used to do crossword puzzles all the time a few years ago and then life got busy and we got to the point where we never finished them.

    My daughter watches our School House Rock dvds…..we are doing our part to keep good Saturday morning entertainment alive.

  11. Hmm,


    10yo – horseback riding lessons were always Sat mornings

    20yo – college years – so definitely waking up recovering from the night before, but that youthful body NEVER had a hangover – wish that were still the case

    30yo – cartoons for sure – Dora got a lot of play – was pregnant with my 2nd child – was definitely more domestic, making breakfast, being mommy

    40yo (almost) – Zumba on Sat mornings (when not recovering from my hangover from 2 glasses of wine the night before) hubs makes breakfast, I head for the computer to see what my friends are up to in Twitterville – maybe write a post – get torn away looking longingly back at the computer while kids drag me away and start with the symphony of “mom, look at me!”

    50yo – projecting here – my youngest will be 16, my oldest will be 22 – I imagine no one will want to spend any time with me because they will be so busy with their own social lives, so maybe laying in bed with a book while hubs brings me coffee? A girl can dream right!? 🙂

  12. Age 10: making pancakes with my dad
    Age 15: sleeping as long as I could get away with
    Age 20: breakfast at the dorm, then practicing
    Age 25: newspaper and coffee in bed with the husband
    Age 30: checking blogs, then cleaning the house

  13. Oh How I love Schoolhouse Rocks..I have it on DVD you know, I can’t wait untl the boys are old enough to appreciate it. 🙂 I learned a lot of what I know from Schoolhouse Rocks.

    now, well my Sat Mornings, : Get up at 6 instead of 4. Sneak some reading/writing time in on the computer until 7. At 8 I go in and start to watch some DVRd stuff wtih John from Thurs night (Burn Notice, Royal Pains etc) , around 9, I start to strip the beds, John goes down to make eggs for all of us and by the time we eat I ve started laundry, dusted the upstairs ad cleaned the bathrooms. By noon I need a nap 😉

  14. oooh. Fun post!

    10 – same as you but add Gummie Bears and Wildfire in there.
    20 – Sometimes same as you but OFTEN headed to my part time job during college
    30 – Getting up at 6am for work. On MY Saturday (which is Sunday), sleeping in with Hubby. Other adventures with Hubby. 😉
    40 – Time will tell!
    Now – Work still. 6am. 🙂 Sun – Baby as alarm clock and then ready for church after we all eat breakfast together! (lately a lot of “cancakes”)

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