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I’ve done this once before, and here goes again. Last time I took quarterly photos, one each on the solstices/equinoxes.

This time, I waited a few weeks for each season to settle in, because I wanted a quintessential day of the chosen season.





Turn, turn, turn.

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  1. OH Lori, it’s amazing to me how the same place, looks so different all dressed up in a new season. I enjoyed those pictures so much…what a great idea…and what a great reminder, that the same place can be so different when you look at it dressed in different “clothes”


  2. Very cool. What a great idea! I would love to do something like that but, as I often say, my intentions are pure but my follow through is terrible.

  3. That is a GREAT idea. Might have to do that just with our own backyard. Won’t be such a beautiful view as you have catured but will mean something to us and be neat to see.
    Stopping by from Twitter.

  4. I love this idea, and I wish I had thought to do it with my parent’s old house. I could go back now and do it, but that seems a bit creepy. No? Taking pictures of what is now someone else’s house?

    What is the building in the picture?

    1. That’s what telephoto lenses are for ;-).

      That white house is a spooky old abandoned one that’s too close to a railroad for anyone to move into these days. It freaks Tessa out (in a good way) every time we drive by, and she has lots of stories about who lived in it.

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