Show & Tell: Milestone

We bought our used Honda CR-V during Tessa’s first year. It had about as many miles on it as she did, so I figure they’re even. The CR-V replaced a 1985 sedan that was not made for scooping an infant car seat in and out of it. My Honda has been such a welcome addition to our garage.

I tend to think of my CR-V, then, as an odometer for my life with Tessa. This week we went from this (lower counter):

…to this.*

So I figure Tessa and I just rolled over 100,000 miles together, too. All during the same week when we got The Call about her 8 years ago. (Coincidentally, this is also the week we got The Call about Reed 6 years ago. Ahhh, Spring. More reasons to love it.)

That breaks down to about 12,500 miles per year. Or about 35 a day.

Really?? Some days seems like more; some days seems like less.

I am due for a tune-up. Soon I am taking a business trip to a place with a beach, so I’ll have a chance to, uh, change my muffler (is that taking the metaphor too far? doesn’t it sound slightly naughty?). I’m looking for a guest blogger or two. If you have a post you’d like to submit, email it to me this week.

Back to my main topic with a question for those of you in Canada and other metric system countries: would you have called this post “Kilometerstone”?

* Thanks to Roger for taking these photos on the skiing side of the Eisenhower Tunnel when he borrowed my CR-V. Stopping to take pictures of the odometer was part of the deal. Which he dutifully fulfilled. Under pain of death.

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30 thoughts on “Show & Tell: Milestone”

  1. Nice guy to take those pics! I was really thinking of the planning ahead it would take to do that (well, at least for me!). That’s a lot of miles of love there! We got a minivan after doing the hunch and crunch with my son too.

  2. I love taking pictures of little milesstones like this !How cool to reach in in such a significant week 🙂ICLW

  3. When my VW turned to 100K I was driving down to visit a friend in Virginia during college. I had to pull over on the expressway. i was so excited to document it. The next day was my friends 21st birthday and ofcoarse I had my camera. AFter a few too many drinks at the bar I left my camera there and someone stole it. Damn.

  4. Kilometerstone – lol… totally love it! I may have to work that into a conversation sometime soon!I’m here from ICLW, and I am new to your story. I followed the links about the calls you got about your babies… all I can say is I’m still power-blinking the tears away!

  5. Very cool pics! I wish I had pics each time my old Escort hit that milestone…yes, each time…my Escort had almost 300,000 miles on it before it died.

  6. Does something big happen every spring for you? Or just these ones? Cuz uh, spring seems like it has some pretty freaking big milestones for you. What’s next?

  7. What an amazing way of always having this reminder of the journey.I almost got a Honda CR-V a few days after the twins were born (um…since Josh totaled my car the day before the twins were born)…weird coincidence.

  8. I am LOVING the mental image of Rob looking at the odometre …… nd sighing, pulling the car over, taking a pic, waiting for one mile, another pic, etc.All for you … all for Lozza’s Cool Weebles Wobblog.True luv 4 eva.XOXOXOXOOXOX

  9. Don’t forget to be kind to your transmission – yearly maintenance is very beneficial . . .Make of that whatever analogy you wish!I think it is pretty neat to hit a milestone like that during a significant week. :0)

  10. Wonderful Show and Tell! I am inordinately attached to my beat up minivan purchased when I was expecting our youngest son. Thank you so much for sharing.

  11. Congrats on 400 posts!100,000 miles? It’s kind of cool having a car that long. But I got rid of it once it hit 104,000.

  12. It’s definitely vacation time. It’s starting to get pretty here with everything blooming, and I have cabin fever so bad I need tylenol. ICLW

  13. Dear Lori,I just had a look at your other website, Best Light. You are one AMAZING chick, you know that!?!And your tweet, of how your parents met? Priceless. Omg so so funny. Do you know, every Monday for about three weeks now, I have waited for your Perect Monday post. Because I blog from the future … and it’s 6.41pm here. Instead of giving up like I usually do, I will just link to your site instead. CRISIS AVERTED.I am so meeting you next year. I need to say LOZZZZZZAAAAAARRRRR to your face. My fave auntie lives in Denver, Colorado, so even if you can’t make it to BlogHer, I shall come to you.xox

  14. Great show & tell! Under pain of death…I love it! Sounds like this is a very lucky week for you – maybe it’s time to buy a lottery ticket?!?

  15. I love the timing on your car’s miles and your children! That’s awesome. YAY for spring, that’s for sure!

  16. What a great metaphor! You’re right, some days do seem like you travel on this road of life more or less than others. 🙂What a great way to mark the week!Here from ICLW.

  17. I’m from Canada and I think I’d still call it a “milestone”. And “change my muffler” haha! too funny!ICLW

  18. I’ve always been behind the wheel when my cars have rolled over 100,000 but I ALWAYS forget to take a picture until like 100,005 and no one cares about that! Thanks for sharing!

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