Show & Tell: Red Deux

I’m not a big fan of Fall. I love warm weather, long days, summer clothes.

But. I like Fall colors.

Today it’s all white (like you wouldn’t believe!), but this past weekend, as I walked through my yard and took photos, I noticed the reds.

If you like these, you might want to see last year‘s.

See what my classmates are showing and telling over at Mel‘s.

28 thoughts on “Show & Tell: Red Deux”

  1. There are no leaves that big in nature. We’ve got over 12 inches, and it’s still snowing big time.


  2. The photos are so beautiful (both this year and last). I LOVE how vivid the red is.

    Beautiful! Probably a big contrast to the white of today. 🙂 Is the red peeking through the snow?

  3. Wow! So much snow already- makes our wet & rainy 55 seem downright balmy!
    And fall is my favorite season- well, spring is too… I love the transitions!

  4. I love “don’t eat me.” A good lesson for life. I love fall, but not the crickets and this seems to be their favourite time.

  5. What’s all that white stuff? It’s down to 63 degrees here (at 6PM) with 15 mph winds, and the local news is talking about “the storm.”

    Southern California is weird.

  6. Beautiful leaves! We’ve been so cloudy and gray lately that everything looks brown. The sun peeked out at the horizon this evening and lit up the trees with beautiful gold and orange. And my daughter said “I don’t like the sun in my eyes.” 🙂

    I can’t believe you’ve got that much snow already. That’s horrible!

  7. What’s all that white stuff? It’s down to 63 degrees here (at 6PM) with 15 mph winds, and the local news is talking about “the storm.”

    Southern California is weird.

  8. Those are gorgeous! I miss the fall foliage and colors. My mom sends me pics and i just love em! Snow? Its still like summer here in the daytime, LOL!!!

  9. great pics!!! I miss our “colored leaves” as Captain Chaos has been calling them, but the snow is pretty! I’m glad it’s going to melt though, I’m not quite ready for “deep winter” to be upon us.

  10. I have found this year’s colors to be especially red, so I really love this post. Thank you so much for sharing, and for the cute captions on them.

  11. We had a way early snow — like two weeks ago — and let me tell you I WAS NOT HAPPY.


    At least in Colorado you know the sun will come out too — and it won’t be so blastedly cold.

    I’m thinking of you a lot Lori — even if I”ve been so silent. I’m so glad our paths crossed.



  12. I love fall. Crisp air, beautiful colors…we drove back east in October once, it was beautiful.

    We’ve had a few small flurries but nothing has stuck yet. My son and husband are excited for skiing this year. No thanks.

    Wonderful photos!

  13. Oh that’s just beautiful. We don’t really get seasons here. It’s hot, then winter for a couple of months (never below 17deC) then back to hot again. I’d love a proper Autumn.

    And red. The best colour ever. Your tomatoes look fantastic. So jealous – mine get eaten by the possums 🙁

  14. AMAZING photographs. So you are a writer AND a photographer? No one person should have so much talent. I, too, hate fall but love things about it, like colors, the crisp evenings, fallen leaves, etc. But really, I do hate fall, lol.

  15. Beautiful, beautiful colors! I’m just the opposite of you. I LOVE Fall!!! I’m not really a summer kind of girl (which is weird considering I live in Georgia), but when it turns Fall….I’m simply in love with the world!

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