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Show & Tell: The Divine Feminine

I painted this plate four summers ago while in the midst of my energy work classes. Because I consider myself not very artistic, I am fairly pleased with how it turned out.

My favorite touch is the earth-as-her-belly-button (you may have to click to enlarge).

The Divine Feminine is the energy of love. She is the being rather than the doing. She is the earth mother, the shelter, the abundance, the compassion, the love beyond reason.

By the way, she looks NOTHING like me. Witness the bounteous chestal area. She looks like some of you, I suppose. And like Ethel (my teacher).

Aren’t we all divine?


Want to see what the other kids are showing and telling? Visit Lollipop the Headmistress. (Don’t tell her who put the tack on her chair.)

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22 Responses

  1. The plate is awesome. I dont think i have ever painted anything other than on paper, I may try it soon….anyway love it!

  2. Like the plate! Lovely colors, and I like the Earth as belly button. I had so much fun painting my own plate at one of the pottery stores. I keep meaning to do that again.

  3. Reading what you wrote about feminine energy made my tummy unknot. I didn’t even know it was tense.I love your plate!xox

  4. oh – and one more thing…let’s not get in a boob-size-a-thon cause I can pretty much guarantee I’d win!

  5. That is amazing regardless of your artistic talent! At first glance I was reminded of the chakra work my yoga teacher did at our last class. (bad student that I am I forget which one that location is)Energy…all around us and within us! Awesome show and tell!

  6. That is pretty cool! I think you lie–you seem to have artistic tendencies!Love the colors especially.

  7. I love that plate…very cool! And tell Lollipop you weren’t talking about her boobs, you were obviously talking about mine…ROFL.

  8. what a lovely looking plate, I like those reds and purples and while my own chestal area isn’t quite that big, I think that the plate does give the impression of the bounteous nature of the Divine Feminine.

  9. Thanks to 60 pounds of baby fat, my hooters are starting to look more “divinely feminine”. Nifty plate!

  10. I meant to add the heart shaped head too. btw, did you remove those fabulous pix of you? I saw them but wasn’t able to comment until now! love them!

  11. love it!
    (and I had not even a moment of wondering if this was inspired by MY {minimalist} boobs)
    xo beagle

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