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Show & Tell: Turn, Turn, Turn

This post has been 9 months in the making. (And it has nothing to do with gestation.)

I got the idea nearly a year ago to take a photo at the same place at roughly the same time of day on each solstice and equinox for a year. I was able to complete the series last month.





See what my classmates are showing and telling at Mel’s Show & Tell. And show something yourself!

35 Responses

  1. I love this! I might just borrow this idea, though my view would look VERY different than yours!

  2. What a great idea! Very cool! Colorado is so beautiful. My cousin lives in Denver and my Aunt and Uncle live in Durango. It is just so gorgeous all the time!

  3. now why haven’t i ever thought of this? what a great idea and great pics to boot.
    it was SOO wonderful to see you this week. i’ve missed you!

  4. I don’t think that’d work so well in my neck of the woods:
    Fall: palm trees in sunshine, 72 degrees
    Winter: palm trees in sunshine, 70 degrees
    Spring: recently trimmed palm trees in sunshine, 72 degrees
    Summer: palm trees in sunshine, 74 degrees.

    I miss seasons.

  5. That was such a great idea. Very creative…I love it!

    I bet it took patience (to wait for all four “turns”) and a good memory to get all four photos. Good for you!

  6. I wanted to do this with an amzing tree in a favourite garden where i used to live. But then I loved. šŸ™ What a lovely series! I bet you were just itching to see the finished set!

  7. You are so freakin’ cool and you always have the best ideas (I am still jealous of your journals). Now I want to do this. I need to think of the perfect place to photograph.

  8. I have something similar on my old blog, but it is just summer and winter. Never thought to do all 4 seasons! Love the idea and the pictures.

  9. Oh Yeah Girl! Now you’ve got me thinking! I can see thick solid wooden frames around each picture on my “Olive Garden” red wall!!!

  10. Great pictures! I love the contrast of seasons – I don’t think I could live in the tropics…

  11. Wonderful idea and excellent photographs! There was a movie once where this photographer took a picture of the same street corner every day for years and years. Very cool.

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