Show & Tell: Whatchadoin?

Me? Just foo kin around.

In Cooperstown, NY.

By the way, I never did find the foo kin john.

See what my classmates are showing and telling at Mel’s Show & Tell. And show something yourself (if you’re not already IN the class, you can join — we’re a very nice group).

20 thoughts on “Show & Tell: Whatchadoin?”

  1. I have been to Cooperstown more than once and never noticed that sign. I was foo kin oblivious.

  2. BWAAA HA HA. Girl eat there every day have many babies. I’ve found my IF cure! What town is this? Where are my car keys?

  3. You and Martha have a knack for finding those signs – AND – having your camera with you when you do!!!


  4. Bwahahaha. That reminds me of the line from one of Amy Tan’s books where the mother character says, ‘Shows what they know! They call me Fu Ken landlady. I’m not from Fu Ken!’

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