From attendees of De-Freakifying Open Adoption.

Lori and Crystal,

I want to Thank You so much for the wonderful class! It was not only very informative, but it was very personal. I wanted to write this letter of recommendation so that others can truly understand the benefits that one can get out of your class/seminar.

As you know, we are currently in the process of going through infertility treatments. However, my husband and I have always known that we wanted to adopt. Given the current situation, we may be adopting earlier than we had originally planned. Because of this we have been informally interviewing, and attending seminars, so that we can get as much information as possible before we get pulled entirely into the adoption process. In addition, we are still in the process of determining whether or not to adopt internationally or domestically. A part of this decision was deciding whether Open Adoption was right for us. This lead us to your class.

Not only did we get a list of resources, but we got a bird’s eye view of what it really means to go down the Open Adoption route. One thing I really appreciated was that it wasn’t your goal to insist that everybody be okay with an open adoption. Instead it was your goal to inform. You informed us of what it meant as a birth mother and as a adoptive mother. You explained what makes open adoption work and not work.

After your class, not only was my husband more enthusiastic about adopting than he had been before, but we felt armed with the knowledge of what it truly means to be in an open adoption. Thank you so much for being so open to all of our questions, and thank you for having this class. It will be something that my husband and I talk about for years to come.

Sincerely, Paula and Daniel Smith
(August, 2008)


9 thoughts on “Testimonial”

  1. This is wonderful, you are such a Mensch! (Yiddish for truly Awesome, Upstanding, Exceptional Human Being)

  2. WOOHOO!! Lori, you really are making a difference.. how cool is that?? High 5 to you and Crystal!! (PS ~ Thank you for your sweet comment about the house. It didn’t surprise me you had a red dobie AND a b/t min pin.. we’re a special kind of crazy, aren’t we?) ;o)

  3. just another reason I wish I was in the lovely rockies! what an awesome letter. you two should be proud.

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