The 25s

ImageChef.comMy Dad was 25 when I was born. His mother was 25 when he was born. I did not have a baby when I was 25, so the pattern was a short one.

When Dad turned 50 we had a pool party at the apartment complex where is mother lived. My mom and sisters were there, as were our significant others and some family friends. We must have had a barbecue at the pool. My sisters and I probably rubbed baby oil (not sunscreen) on our youthful skin, much more concerned about tanning than aging, which we were certain wouldn’t actually happen to us. I remember that the guy on his way out of my life, in a moment of meanness and frustration with our failing relationship, threw me in the pool that day after I’d gotten fully dressed. I also remember that during the party a local radio station played a song dedication from me to my dad, The Grateful Dead’s Touch of Gray.

Tonight we celebrate my Dad’s 75th birthday. I got whiplash this morning before I got out of bed as I remembered his 50th birthday party — how did that much time pass so quickly? Before I set foot to floor, I realized that in not too long I will have my own 50th birthday.

You know where this is going, right? If the space between my dad’s 50th and his 75th can become so compressed, then the space between my 50th and 75th can also become so compressed. Before I know it, I will be honoring my 75th birthday.

Which sounds, frankly, undesirable, but certainly beats the alternative.

Right Dad?

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  1. Amen. Aging is most certainly better than the alternative. It used to seem that 10 years was a long time, now, well, time moves faster and faster. Happy birthday to your Dad- enjoy the celebration!

  2. Being 50 isn’t so bad at all. We are sage beings ready to embrace the role of wise leaders… all the crap we went through has to be good for something right? Congrats to your Dad for me. You are so lucky. I would give anything to be able to talk to my Dad.

  3. You made me smile with that one! Lori, did you know that once you hit 50 you no longer have birthDAYS? It is nos a Birth Festival and it extends an entire month! Live it up girl. I will be 51 soon and I almost cry for my 50th year to be over it was so very fun!

  4. You are so lucky to have your Dad. Mine passed away when I was a few months’ pregnant with my daughter. He dies just 2 days short of Thanksgiving. It was a dreaded holiday. We all wore black bows.

    Just saw Dr. Ruth last night, (TV) she has more energy than I can image, and at 82! Wonderful news!

  5. Happy Birthday to your Dad! I hope you have a wonderful celebration with him! (Touch of Grey – too funny!)

    Sometimes time passes veeeerrrry slowly – sometimes it goes by quicker than we can imagine. Looking forward, 25 years seems like a long time, but looking back especially from 50 or 75 – it’s no time at all.

    Also, you are not going to be 50! I don’t believe it!

  6. Our family has the same tradition! My great grandma, my grandfather and my mother all had their first born at 25. I blew it though and didn’t have a baby until I was 30. (Thank god.)

    Happy birthday to your father!!

  7. I hope that your family had a wonderful birthday celebration for your Dad! Please tell him that I send my birthday wishes and that I think of him every time I remind myself to “draw a wider circle!”

    75 years is an awesome milestone, but I also see how those 25 year increments can see to go by far too quickly. I have no doubt that every one of your years to come will be savored and mindfully lived. So yes, the years might pass faster than you would like, but I believe that you will continue to carpe diem and get the most out of how ever many (hopefully very many) birthdays/years to come!

  8. “It’s better than the alternative” — that’s what my grandma always used to say. ; ) I repeated that like a mantra leading up to my 50th, almost two years ago. And you know, it’s really not THAT bad!

    Happy birthday (belated) to your dad! This reminds me, it is my dear godmother’s 75th birthday this weekend. Doesn’t seem that long ago that we were all together celebrating her mother (my great-aunt)’s 75th birthday. Time passes very quickly…!

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