Time Warp Tuesday: Hello again, Judgy

I’m a little late for Time Warp Tuesday. Unless, of course, I warp time. Let me take you to a universe where Wednesday = Tuesday, mmmmK?

Kathy‘s assignment this week is to dig up our All-Time Favorite post. Which is hard! Kind of like choosing a favorite child. Which isn’t always hard but is often changing, depending on whose dirty underwear is on the bathroom floor at any given moment.

I once wrote a 3-part series to untangle my feelings about an encounter I had with a woman who rubbed me the wrong way. To do so I tried to see the situation from her viewpoint, obviously a fictional piece because I had no actual access to her head. Then I posted my own recollection of the evening; and finally — my selection for this Time Warp Tuesday — I got to what really bothered me about her, which turned out to be less about her and more about a character trait I don’t like within myself.

Three for one. You’re welcome.

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8 thoughts on “Time Warp Tuesday: Hello again, Judgy”

  1. So glad you decided to still participate! I don’t see why when we are doing the Time Warp that Wednesday cannot equal Tuesday… Works for me! 🙂

    I am going to comment here again after I read your three for one, but wanted to comment here first, as I knew you were/are a funny gal, but this post in particular got me chuckling, especially the part about having a favorite child! 🙂 Yes, choosing a favorite post was not an easy task this week, but it was interesting to reflect and find one that felt right. Okay, off to read and comment and then I will be back. 🙂

  2. I always loved these too. they were so honest and thoughtful and gave me much to think about. This is one of my favorites too!!

  3. Okay, I am back! It took me all day to read and comment (in between all that I had going on), but it was worth finding the time to do so. 🙂 I am re-posting much of what I wrote on my comment on your favorite post, as it also applies to your new one and maybe it will encourage anyone that didn’t want to take the time to dive into your “three in one,” to take the plunge! 😉

    I found all of your post in this series to be thought-provoking, but appreciate why you chose the last one as your all-time fav. It was especially fascinating to me, as is the case with so many inspired blog entries that strike chords with others, because of the discussion in your comments. I thought what your readers shared in response to what you wrote to be as wonderful as your actual blog entry.

    That definitely seems to be a common thread in the posts those “doing the Time Warp” chose this week, as most of them had lots of comments and had been clearly appreciated by their readers the first time around.

    I agree that their is a fine line between been open minded and mindful, trying not to judge and following our instincts and respecting our own comfort levels, especially when it comes to our children (and their safety and well being).

    You certainly have a gift for getting me to be more mindful and think about situations and encounters from different perspectives. Thank you my friend and thanks again for doing the Time Warp again!

  4. I remember these posts, well. They reminded me of the Rashoman effect. Brilliantly done.

    I thought you were going to pick the post where the different versions of you meet in a meadow. I love that post 🙂

  5. Sorry it’s taken me so long to comment on this. I just wanted to say that realizing that that which you dislike in others is something you dislike in yourself is a hard lesson to learn, one I continue to struggle with. To be fair, I think there were positives to both your behaviors, meeting somewhere in the middle might have been ideal. My point is, neither one of you was better or worse, both attitudes had pluses and minuses. That is important to remember too.

    Lately there has been some “friction” (for lack of a better word) on my mother’s group boards and it’s been prompting me to think of why it is we judge each other the way we do. Everyone is guilty of judging others at some point, but I can’t determine why we’re so inclined to do this. Is it a form of self-preservation, to validate what we do and think by criticizing what others do and think? I don’t really know but I want to explore this more.

    Thanks for sharing this. It was very insightful. I loved how you wrote the whole evening from her point of view. Very eye opening!

  6. Lori, are you familiar with shadow work? Your post literally captures its essence: what drives us nuts in others are actual qualities we harbor within ourselves but often repress (thus the shadow ideology). I could get very kumbaya-y with this, but there’s a ton of spiritual empowerment work around this that I’ve been dying to try. Your post reminded me I need to seek it out! Thanks for sharing for Time Warp Tuesday!

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