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totes adorbs poodle bichon

Totes Adorbs

Take a little bit of poodle and add in some bichon. Mix together and you end up with my sweet, sweet, funny, sweet, thoroughly adorable Dexter.

(Alert: when you hit play you’ll hear music.)

Six Months of Dexter in 15 Seconds

More gratuitous Dexter pics are just a click away.


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11 Responses

  1. I want to “like” Mel’s comment but WordPress won’t let me. 😉 My daughter desperately wants a fluffy pet … maybe I should just take her visiting.

  2. I clicked on to your page, saw the heading “Six Months of Dexter” and (as I’m slightly distracted listening to an interview) thought of Dexter (the TV series), and assumed I was about to see 15 seconds of murder, blood and guts!

    Your version is much cuter. 😉

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