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good luck or bad luck

The Unknown

Let’s say you get wind that someone unknown to you is checking you out. Perusing pages and pages your blog. Or angling to get your attention via various social media platforms. Or asking about you in your offline life. Whether online or in “real” life, you get the sense that someone is gathering information about you and perhaps wants to make a connection with you.

What is your first emotional wave:

  • This person is stalking me. Risk of danger. Scary!
  • This person is curious about me. I wonder what this new opportunity could be. Exciting!

unknown: good luck or bad luck

What does you answer say about you and mean to you?

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19 Responses

    1. Hah!

      I noticed someone poking around and was kinda excited. Like the girl against the gym wall at the prom. Someone is checking me out!

      Then I felt I should be more cautious. Maybe it’s like that prom scene in Carrie where I’m being punked.

      Then my friend wrote to say she’d put me forward for a writing gig so don’t be surprised if her contact started checking out my writing. So I see-sawed, too.

  1. Optimism tells me to be flattered, curious, unafraid.

    My age tells me to hesitate a bit in my optimism.


  2. The first. Which says a lot about how I feel about my own writing. If I were writing something that I thought would be of value to lots of people, I suspect I’d feel more optimistic. But since I feel like I write about myself more often than I write about things that have general appeal, I feel like it’s creepy.

  3. It really would depend on what my gut told me about the person’s motivations. I think I would find it less creepy if it was a stranger who discovered me online, but probably more creepy if it was someone that knew me IRL.

  4. Well, this has been happening to me and my blog for sometime and I have not thought even once that somebody is trying to stalk me. I have felt happier that some one is definitely curious and wants to know more about me.

  5. Whoa. You just blew my mind. I go to the negative: why is this person checking me out? It must be for terrible reasons. But I didn’t realize how often I do that until this question.

  6. I think I’d take the second. Though with a faint underlying worry … especially as I’m applying for jobs at the moment, and know that if people want to find my most intimate writing, by using my real name, they can.

  7. Hmmm. Hard not to be the paranoid person going for the stalking option, but feeling investigated for possible future goodness is exciting! I feel wary of scams, though. I guess I keep my finger on my Spidey Sense while hoping for the best? Cautious optimism. I guess what that says about me is that I’ve been burnt too many times.

  8. Like deathstar – I’d be trying to figure out who the person was and how I could figure out their motivation. Neither/both?

  9. Great question! I would probably be nervous and anxious but maybe a tiny bit excited. I’d probably try to find out as much about them as I could too. Turnabout is fair play and all that.

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