VIPs: Very Important Posts from October 2011

Very Important PostsOnce in awhile I’ll be listing here some Very Important Posts that are worth sharing. I’ll collect them over time and post when the list hits critical mass.

The inaugural VIP list includes these posts, all with the theme of Adoption, which is appropriate because November is dedicated to adoption awareness.

Adoption Awareness Month: Can We Heal? My new author-crush, Jennifer Lauck, is spending National Adoption Awareness Month offering teleseminars for adoptees, led by various therapists, including Nancy Verrier. The first session is today, so click over soon if this sounds like something you want to know more about. “Adoptees are too often shoved into a corner, most often a place we put ourselves. We are the silent sufferers and we are the adaptors.”

Why Christians Need to Be Aware of How They Speak About Birth Parents. Jenna at The Chronicles of Muchkinland was in an audience of 8000 women when a highly regarded speaker put at least one of her stylish boots in her mouth. Jenna calls her out on speaking disparagingly:  “Please think before you speak on a stage. Your words hurt me, and I wasn’t alone. Your words run the risk of hurting children in the future, one of whom might be yours someday. Think, Lisa. I’m a real, faithful, hurting child of God who made a decision that altered the course of my life. I am not less than you, and neither is any other birth mother or father.”

How We Got Here. With sadness but no bitterness, first mother LisaAnne of Living through Today explains how the adoption she was thought would be open got slammed shut as soon as her daughter’s parents got what they wanted. “You see, while I was pregnant, we talked all the time. Brit’s mom went to every single doctor’s appt with me. We were great friends. We didn’t make a plan, because honestly I never ever dreamed I would need one. I had made a new friend.  She seemed like she was one of my sisters.  We got along great.  There was absolutely nothing that made me think that would ever change.”

Ten Tips for New Moms. Aren’t we all suckers for lists? Harriett from See Theo Run writes 10 things she learned in her first year of being a mom. She had me at Number One: “Your new baby gives you carte blanche to bail on everything and anything. Take advantage! Don’t explain, just don’t show up.  And for goodness sake, let go of your A-type obsession with being on time.”

Falling Away. In this post from Everyone Shut Up But Me, Jeni finds freedom from pain she’s carried that stems from rejection by her original mother. It’s a post of resilience and hope. “i can become whatever and whoever i need and want to be without her.  i can do anything and everything without her.  i truly wanted to do all of it with her, but that wasn’t meant to be.”


Have you signed up yet for the book tour for Found: a Memoir by Jennifer Lauck?

6 thoughts on “VIPs: Very Important Posts from October 2011”

  1. Thanks for sharing all these post. I look forward to reading the ones I haven’t seen before. I love the idea of posting VIPs. I’ll have to tuck that away for a rainy day.

    Sorry I haven’t been commenting much lately. I’m goin to go back and comment on some past posts today (like your TWT post!)

  2. Great idea Lori! There seem to be a lot of good reads in this list… I will have to take a look and share them with my sister too. Thanks! 🙂

  3. I think it’s so great that there are people like you who share resources like this. I’ve been away from blogging for awhile and have missed all of my wonderful blog friends. I am SO HAPPY that Perfect Moment Monday is back and plan to start participating next week. Hope you are well Lori! 🙂

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