We’ve Added to Our Family

December 14, 2013

You know how you don’t even notice entire sections of the grocery store, or you ignore entire topics of conversation or entire swaths of cultural celebrations? How you can practically not even know where the meat section is if you’re a vegetarian, how you tune out talk about diapers if you don’t have young children, […]

Dam. Open Adoption is Hard.

December 10, 2013

I’ve had difficulty writing weighty and/or witty posts on this blog for months now (you could arguably say longer — ha!). If has finally occurred to me there is a reason for the struggle: I’ve been actively not writing about something. It’s a big thing that feels, now that I realize it’s there, like a […]

Q&A: Rachel Garlinghouse on Transracial Adoption

December 7, 2013

Rachel Garlinghouse from the blog White Sugar, Brown Sugar has published her book on transracial adoption, titled Come Rain or Come Shine. She’s giving away a copy to a lucky commenter — details below. This is a guide for adoptive parents who find themselves facing the combination of adoptism and racism — these “isms” refer […]

Bully for You

December 2, 2013

If you did any web surfing over the long Thanksgiving weekend for anything other than supersales, you probably know about the incident between a man who is a producer of reality shows for a major TV network, and Diane, who sat in seat 7A on the man’s flight on the morning of Thanksgiving. I read […]