nature and stillness meditation

Gimme Just 10 Seconds

Nature is a balm. Stillness soothes. How about we all partake of these freely available gifts for just a moment?

Want more? Here’s another anxiety-reducer. I’ve given this one a tile on my phone.


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11 thoughts on “Gimme Just 10 Seconds”

  1. I love them both so much! That expanding and contracting breath shape exercise is phenomenal. And I always love me some cattails. The six seconds seemed to stretch. I need to remember to self-soothe my anxiety more often… thank you!

  2. Wind (and grass) doesn’t do it for me. All I can think about are crickets. But water? I love apps that show running water. I have one called Do Nothing that is like that. But better is to drive to the beach and enjoy it in person.

  3. The grass makes me itchy! Man, people are complainers, aren’t they? 😉

    I do like the shape breathing thingy – that’s pretty cool.

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