Answer me this #11

When you think of your life in your future, do you age?

Or do you imagine yourself as you are now?

15 thoughts on “Answer me this #11”

  1. Interesting question. I imagine myself being wiser, being a better person and having achieved my goals. But do I actually imagine I am an older person? No.

    When I was a kid I thought that when I got to be elderly I would start to like music from the 1940s. I have now figured out that even when I am 95 years old I will still like my 80s rock.

  2. Wow. I think now as a middle-aged adult, I see my future as I am now. Though when I was younger–11-30 I saw myself as older because I wanted to be older. Cool question. I’ll have this to think about for some time.

  3. I am unable to picture myself as old. I am sometimes surprised to realize that I no longer look like I’m sixteen. My mental self-portrait is fairly constant.

    For the longest time, though I was convinced I wouldn’t live past 35, because I couldn’t picture myself as old and I figured that was when time would start showing on me.

  4. Oooh, that’s a really good question. The thing is, right now, I see myself as younger than I am. Sometimes I look in the mirror and I think that I just don’t look like myself.

    Sometimes, in the future, I have this incredible head of long grey curls.

  5. I always see myself at this age. I also always assume everyone is my age. When I think about the future I don’t even imagine how I might have aged, just how my life has evolved.

  6. I don’t picture myself looking older, just looking hotter and wiser. As you saw in my family picture from the ’80s: I improve with age. šŸ˜‰

  7. I imagine myself with a bent body, but a sharp and incisive mind. I don’t really picture my face, though. I do expect my health issues to cause mobility issues. I do expect a wheelchair or a cane. But I also expect to be actively working until the day I die, on one thing or another.

  8. This is one of those wiggy things like “if the universe is always expanding, what is beyond the universe?”. I think I always see myself as I am now, or me as I want to see myself in the mirror now…

  9. I’ve imagined both — aging and being the same age — when I think of myself in the future.

    It’s interesting to me because even though I know I’ve aged, I still feel the same. It’s when I see friends from the past (like at a reunion) that I realize that I’ve aged too.

    Very deep pondering going on…hmmm!

  10. I suppose the answer is yes. But I always imagine myself aging with grace and with vigor. My great-aunt was always my role model in this regard. She appeared to be older, but she was spry and traveled all over the world even in her retirement and old age. She had a killer sense of humor and loved to laugh and spend time with the young ones. She was active in many bridge clubs, lady luncheon groups, volunteer work, etc. So I may be older in my envisioned future – but that’s MY kind of old!

  11. Wow, never really thought about that.. I think when I try imagining myself in the future, I am always how I am today. It’s kind of weird as I am quite scared of aging, so I would think I would see myself as an old lady when I think of my future.

    But the funny thing is that the other day, I was imagining my unborn(!) daughter being an old lady, a grandmother.

  12. Wow – I have never thought about that before. Now that you present the question, I guess I ~don’t~ age myself. How weird!

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