Add Homonym

Ewe mussed all weighs yews the rite words. If ewe dew knot, those hoo reed ewe mite think yew maid a Miss Steak.

Win ewe R kerr full, reeders no eggs act lee what yew mien. This is the haul Marc of good riting and good come uni Kay ding.

Win yew R kerr less, yore meaning mite bea lost and reeders well purr sieve U as lay Z or inn come pet tent.

Their, they’re. Wee dew knot want that, dew wee?

Flecks yore men tall mussle, pee pull.

(This tuck along thyme too right.)

Originally posted at Mama Said as part of the Great Blog Cross-Pollination 2009.

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12 thoughts on “Add Homonym”

  1. Sum wan aspen reed in “furry tells”:

    “Wants pawn term dare wasted ladle gull hew lift honor itch offer lodge dock florist…”

  2. I’m pretty sure you’re the cause of my 2 day migraine! When I see that sort of stuff, my mind starts respelling everything, and after a while it starts to hurt!

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