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If you were going to pay a cleaning service to clean for a party in your home, would you rather have them come BEFORE the party or AFTER the party?


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  1. If I had to have it before or after, I’d take it after. I feel like I have more energy going in and time to get things ready, but afterward, I want things cleaned up and back in place quickly. And by that point, if I did the party right, I should be too tired to clean 🙂

  2. After. When we throw shing dings no one is white gloving the place as much as I am. Do a big house scrub, enjoy your party then sit back and enjoy someone elses handy work. :o)

  3. AFTER. If you’ve ever been to one of our parties, you’d understand. (Note to self: Add Lori to the party list.) We keep the house pretty tidy anyway, but party aftermath puts things over the edge.

    My husband cleans better than any cleaning crew could, and considering he’d do it before our guests arrive anyway…having a crew come AFTER the party would give him a break, and definitely give them something to clean! 🙂

  4. Personally, I wouldn’t spend money on a cleaning service. Although I’m a huge spender and buy all sorts of things, I am a buyer of THINGS, not services I can do. Like I wash my own car, clean my own house. I’ll pay for massages and for my hair to get done, but those are things I can’t do myself. Cleaning? Yeah, I’d just do it myself.

    But in answering the question – I’d have them clean before a party, giving me more time to throw the party. More people would enjoy the additions you could do with the party by having someone clean the house. The only people who would benefit after a party would be the homeowners.

  5. Before: an excuse to clean is one of the reasons we have parties. I am too house-proud (or house-vain?) but the baseline for my house, at the best of times, is tidy but only intermittently clean.

    My general philosophy is basically the opposite of Nancy’s: we pay for all services that we either don’t want to do or which aren’t worth our time. Years ago my husband used to clean the house, but now he calculates how much money he could be earning in that time and always outsources unless it’s a daily task like dishes or unless things get really dire.

  6. I would say before, because I am paranoid about a clean house for other people to see, but I wish I could say after, because that feels like it would be more for me and not others’ judgment.

    Wow, I didn’t know this question would bring up so much for me. 😉

  7. After, and I mean immediately after. I want them washing the dishes and wiping down the countertops, so I can go to bed happy!

  8. I’m thinking before. Help me get the deep-cleaning tasks that I don’t get to as often as I’d like done before our family and friends arrive. 🙂

  9. I would have them come clean AFTER the party to clean up all of the mess and stickiness.

    I don’t mind cleaning up before the party, but would love to have help after the party.

  10. That last post was from our sassy youngest sister. And to her, I say, “ROFL and now we’re going to KYA!”

  11. I would have to say before. Because I’ve seen my house after a party and I would be too embarrassed to have someone else see it.

  12. AFTER! We actually pay someone to clean out house 2x / month. For one day everything is clean. Plus it encourages us to tidy up the day before.

    When we were really struggling financially during IVF it was the last thing in our budget to cut – and we moved it from every 2 weeks to 3.

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