Perfect Moment Monday: Smashed

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Here’s a perfect moment from my week. I hope you’ll share yours, too.

The Wii brought a gleeful perfect moment to my son, Reed. He spent all of Christmas morning plotting just exactly how this new addition would change his life. He angled to get the Wii set up in the basement, where he and Tessa have their DVDs and old-style game system set up (not quite Atari, but close).

When I told him that the Wii would be set up in the family room — the room where Daddy watches sports and where Mom works — his plans for unfettered access were dashed. He heaped all his frustration and anger on me, yelling how now he’d NEVER get to play and then huffing up to his room. I think he may have accused me of ruining his life.

For newcomers to this blog, let me spell out that Reed is ultra-uber-super-duper sweet. Watching him pull a Tessa — well, it was hard to keep a straight face. Still, my heart ached for him and his disappointment.

Daddy went up to talk with Reed and explain the placement of the Wii. Soon, all was right in the world again. Reed apologized to me for yelling and “being mean.”

Roger pulled me aside and surreptitiously brought me up to Reed’s room. In the time Reed was there sulking, he drew this picture of me on the side of a box:
Roger had asked Reed what it was. “Mommy in a smasher.” See the boulder-smashers? See the arrows showing the smashers crushing Mommy?

Maybe some of you are horrified, but Roger and I were hysterically amused. It was the perfect release after an imperfect moment.

And I will be using the Wii Fit Plus to strengthen my Smasher-repelling muscles.
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0 thoughts on “Perfect Moment Monday: Smashed”

  1. oh that sweet boy. how perfect in his expression. soon you will be the super hero mama wonder who prevails against the evil boulders!

  2. Make sure you have him see you doing Rhythm Boxing and when he asks what you’re doing, tell him: “oh, just getting my arms ready to defend myself against boulders…”

  3. You don’t have evil eyebrows or a frown on your face, so it’s good to see you can keep your composure while trapped in the smasher. 😉

  4. I love that you’re smiling! Even though he was cross and angry at you, he still drew you smiling :-).

  5. Wii Fit girls unite! 🙂 I tried mine out last night and had a ball.

    That is too funny about Reed. Why are you trying to ruin his life?? haha

  6. Reed was SO cute on Christmas morning when he ran out to greet us and said, “I got the best Christmas present ever!” And he proceeded to tell me about the Wii.

    I left your house about the time the fit started.

    I didn’t know you would end up being “smashed.” Very out of character for Reed…and very funny!

  7. I love this, this is such classic boy venting.
    Keep up the workout for effective boulder smashing, so important with children.
    Big ((HUGS)) Happy New Year to the Webbles!!!

  8. This just cracked me up. it made me think of all the times when I was a kid that I fantasized that my entire family were stomped on by dinosaurs! That way I would be left alone to live a blissful existence in the mall!

  9. Oh, man. I hope I can handle my first “mad” drawing as well as you did! Poor Reed. What an imagination though! Heehee!

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