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  1. Ha! I’m so pale and ghostly, I won’t even go to a non-nude beach! (Well, that, and I hate sand…and non-chlorinated water…and direct sunlight)

  2. I went to one by accident. I felt overdressed. Oh, and there are people who SHOULD NOT visit such places on purpose. Ahem.

  3. Yikes! Too saggy. People look better with clothes on.

    I have heard of nude mountain resorts ….and saw a brochure with someone I know on it …. Disturbing. I don’t care if people want to be nude… But WHY on a beach …. With SAND!!! After a week with a nine month old baby on the sand I know what sand sticks to.

    Oh, the bodily fluids if it all…. ICK!

  4. I found that my favorite evening / night hot spring was full of naked men in the morning hours – perhaps all day. We didn’t stick around to find out. There wasn’t a lot of flabby bodies and everyone was tan top to bottom (ahem), but nothing really nice to look at either.

    I love being naked in the sun, but privately please.

  5. I am all about nude beaches, altho something tells me this will not be a surprise to most, lol. It really started bc I hate tan lines and I hate having such a white behind. Im also pretty comfortable nekkid; however, naked in your own house is very different than holding a several minute conversation with 2 equally naked people of the opposite gender who are letting it all hang out, the first time you ever go to the nude beach, with military helicopters flying overhead bc the nude beach you chose to go to just happened to be right on the border of Camp Pendleton. Oh, did I mention that the nude beach wasn’t technically leagal?? lol.

    I have 2 “weirdos gawking at you” stories from that day, tho the regulars assured me it wasnt normally like that (I believe them). The regulars also told me i seemed like a natural, so… yeah… lol.

      1. hahahaha only God knows! This way of thinking of course came after, but Im sure in one way or another was influenced by living there. Probably in the “we have to hide our bodies all the time, all the time, how dare you embrace your body!!” way 😉

        Also, my college room mate was a model and we also used to have all these fashion shows we would work backstage at… after seeing all that nakedness, it becomes very normal 🙂

  6. Nope but I was invited to one when I was younger. However, the guy that invited me when I was younger was a skeevy older dude so I had no desire to go.

  7. Hey! Thank you for stopping by The Jason Show, and thanks to Martha for pointing you in my direction. I actually recognize your face from reading Martha’s blog. I always think you look like Rachel Griffiths from Brothers and Sisters, whom I love.

    I’ve got you bookmarked, so I’ll be back!

  8. Back in my college days, a friend and I went to one in Spain. I sunburn easily, and I hadn’t put sunscreen in the appropriate places, so I kept my suit on. (This beach was clothing optional and not necessarily a true nude beach, so other people were opting for the same amount of clothing or less…)

    Mostly less.

    Personally, I don’t see a problem with those types of beaches. I think it’s awesome that people are comfortable enough in their skin to let it show. (And there was *variety* of different types of people; that’s for sure.)

    Now, skinny-dipping stateside with a group of friends? Been there, done that. Refreshing! 😉

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