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Grant Us Peace

To: You
From: Sheri and Tami (my sisters) and me
RE: 2010

Tami, me, Sheri

May you find peace in your heart and may you spread it big.

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  1. Giggling with sisters makes life so wonderful.

    That was beautiful! You three are so cute together. Totally made me smile!

  2. @Delenn Thanks for saying so!

    @areyoukidding me THAT I would love to see/hear. And maybe join in 🙂

    @Kristin Kinda like me with cooking.

    @Luna No practice. Just 13 takes trying to get the microphone to work (which, I’m afraid, it never did correctly). And a LOT of giggling.

  3. I think I hate you now. People would run screaming if I sang online.

    Seriously, y’all sound awesome.

  4. Excellent!

    (The only thing you can get my sisters to sing together is Angels We Have Heard on High and only so they can try to outdo each other in volume and facial expression on the Glooooria part. But, it’s actually all for the best, since not a one of us can sing.)

  5. That is SO sweet!!! I adore my sister, but I can’t imagine us ever doing that–first of all, and most importantly: we can’t sing. Second of all, she’s way too private to go online with anything like that. You all are adorable!

  6. I love my sisters & boy was that a fun night. I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time. One of the highlights of my trip. Peace to all!

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