stuff you see in a pediatric hospital

Hospital Stay

My son, Reed, was in a freak accident late last week. Everything is going to be fine and we got a new family story to bond us together. We hope he’ll get spring from the hospital soon (hello, Universe — how about today?) and we are all thankful for your outpouring of good wishes.

stuff you see in a pediatric hospital

Here are two super-short Reed stories from his hospital stay.


Reed was just coming off the anesthesia, post-surgery. He was all tangled in bed sheets, wires, and tubes, and the nurse needed to check his wound dressing. She painstakingly tried to extricated him from his bonds, winding stuff around and through and over to gain access. Reed roused a bit, opened one eye, and asked her sweetly — first words post-op — Is there something I can help you with?

This unguarded moment is so typical of his kind nature.


Two of Reed’s best buds visited over the weekend with their moms, my friends.

“So,” said a friend. “You have a hole in your gut? Cool!”

“Yeah,” said Reed. “I’ve always had a 6-pack. BUT NOW I’M RIPPED.”


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22 thoughts on “Hospital Stay”

  1. And it’s that sense of humor which will both get you all through this experience AND make him one of the more memorable patients ;). Glad he’s healing and hope he is home soon.

  2. Oh, so sweet! I am so glad he is going to be fine, but it doesn’t sound like it has been easy. I can only imagine the trauma when it first happened.

  3. I don’t know how I missed all of this – OMIGOD!!! I’m freaked out it happened but so relieved he will be okay and recover soon. Lori, I my daimoku will be late but I hope it reaches him and you! Nam myo ho renge kyo. And yes, your son is very funny. And sweet.

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