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Low Maintenance

My friend Melissa, host of today’s 300th Microblog Monday post, says: The whole point of Microblog Mondays is to get people to record their thoughts in their own space. Facebook could go away tomorrow. Twitter could delete your tweets. Instagram is just renting a visual space. But your blog is your place to write your thoughts…Just two or three sentences, marking what you’re thinking right now.

So this is what I was about to post on Instagram today after playing with filters.

I stopped coloring my hair years ago (still waiting to be able to do this). I have a hairstyle that can go more than 6 months between trims. I don’t wear much make-up, to the deep dismay of my teen-age daughter.

In other words, during the Covid-19 quarantine, I haven’t been frantic to get maintenance done on my face or hair.

But this Instagram filter let me play with eyelashes in a low impact way. It’s me, only a bit more glamorous.


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11 Responses

  1. What a fun experience!

    I gave up dying my hair during this pandemic (seriously, why make the effort?) and make-up consists of moisturizer. Will be interesting to see what people do when we can all be back together.

  2. Um…you need a little more contrast on your eyes there, to avoid creeping me out! They’re verging on that filmed-over blind look that some films enjoy using.

    Otherwise, you look lovely! 🙂

    I don’t dye my hair, and I get my hair cut about every 18 months, so I’ve got another 12 or so to go.

    1. Something about the filter makes it seem like I’m looking into the camera even if I’m not. Yeah, those ghost shadows of the pupil are creepy!

      I aspire to your hair regimen. How long is your hair? And what kind of cut doesn’t need trimming very often? I need some of that.

  3. I THINK I’ve made the decision to go grey as a result of not needing to touch up my roots during our seven week lockdown. I noted this week I needed a few weeks longer to really get used to the idea though! I am going to need a haircut soon – and our hairdressers are now open and wearing PPE, but I’m not rushing, even though my style is NOT holding up to three months without a trim!

    I love the eyelashes – I have pathetic eyelashes, and mascara is almost always part of my routine when I’m going out in public. I think I need that filter.

  4. That’s so funny. It almost makes me want to post to Instagram so I can play with filters.

    I am thinking about cutting my hair. Myself. This is a TERRIBLE idea, but I keep Googling videos to watch how to do it. I do not need to cut my hair, but I often do at the start of summer. So… if you see me with a crew cut…

  5. I’ve never tried one of those Instagram filters. Some of them are better than others, I think…!

    I’d say I’m pretty low maintenance anyway, at least since I stopped working. I stopped colouring my hair several years back, and I had to toss a lot of the makeup I bought & wore while working because it was getting old and dried out. Even the stuff I bought for our nephews’ weddings is getting a bit past the expiry dates…! I only put it on now for special occasions, extended family gatherings or meetups with friends which, even pre-COVID, were not that frequent. Since I’m not putting on makeup, or taking it off in the evening, I only put on skin care stuff in the mornings after I shower now (thus halving my previous product consumption rate!). I only get mani-pedis for special occasions or once every month or so in the summertime, when my feet are on display. Facials are a special infrequent treat, and I refuse to inject my face with botox or the like (shudder), wrinkles be damned. 😉

    The one thing I am struggling with right now is my hair length. I have fairly short hair — and going without a haircut for 13 weeks (& counting!) — when it’s normally 6 weeks between trims, like clockwork — is reminding me WHY i like my hair short. 😉 I am currently keeping it slicked back from my face with the help of a can of extra-strength mousse that I bought by mistake (regular is usually good enough). Dh has been trimming his own hair, and has offered to do the same for me. I haven’t taken him up on it. (Yet.)

    1. Think of all the $ we are saving on such things!

      Longer hair is definitely an advantage during a sudden shut down. Like in yours, in our family, we are able to keep the men’s hair attended to but not so much the women’s. Wise not to take him up on that, no matter how tempted you are!

  6. I don’t do Instagram, but the eyelashes are so bombshell-y! Agree with a. that the ghosted pupils have you looking like a sexy zombie…

    I was going gray and got down to 90% virgin hair, and then started doing salon color and highlights so I could have red and purple, and now… Back to silver highlights. I love the silver! Looks so good on you. I’m looking forward to since fun commit again though… Someday! And Mel, DO NOT CUT YOUR BEAUTIFUL CURLY HAIR YOURSELF! Embrace the bun!

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