One Child Nation: Movie Review by a Mom of Daughters from China

My friend B. Gabeler, who, like thousands of other American parents, adopted her now teenage daughters from China in the early-2000s, attended a special screening of the documentary One Child Nation this week. Not yet released, the film is already quite controversial in some adoptive parent forums, and B. was eager to be among the first to see and review it.

A proponent of truth and openness in parenting, here is B.’s review of the film and her thoughts about the contention and anxiety swirling among adoptive parents in anticipation of the film’s premier.

One Child Nation, rated R and with a running time of 90 minutes, opens in select theaters August 23.
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Would You Rather Know?

Or is ignorance bliss?

Think of one of your most fundamental beliefs.

Perhaps it’s a religious one, spiritual one, political one. Something that informs and guides many of your other beliefs.




If it were to turn out that this belief were not true*, would you rather know it or not know it?

is ignorance bliss?

* I realize it may be hard to Go There; we tend to hold our religious, political, spiritual, and other views so very tightly.

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Early summer brought two trips: the first to the place where I first met my late friend, Jeni, and the second in my own hometown.

Atlanta for Work

My new position with Family to Family Support Network™ took my colleagues and me to Atlanta for AWHONN’s annual convention of nurses (Association of Women’s Health, Obstetrics and Neonatal Nurses). We presented a workshop on our Unique Families Program™ and held a board meeting/planning session.

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