Adoption and the College Application Process

I haven’t had reason to think much about adoption and college applications — yet — but an article in AdoptionToday magazine by college consultant and adoptive mother Debbie Schwartz made me think a little bit ahead.

Evan struggled as he decided how to respond to the section regarding ethnicity and race. For those students who joined their families through adoption, like Evan, these questions often reveal deeper questions about identity that can be difficult for students and families to process. [pdf]

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Good Luck, Bad Luck, Who Knows?

With St Patrick’s Day upon us, I know this weekend is about all things Irish, but I want to share a Chinese proverb.

Once there was a poor farmer. He was able to grow just enough to feed his family. One day his horse ran away.

“BAD LUCK!” the neighbors cried. “Now you won’t be able to work the fields.”

The farmer shrugged. “Good luck, bad luck — who knows?”

good luck, clover, and shamrocks
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