Would You Rather Know?

Or is ignorance bliss?

Think of one of your most fundamental beliefs.

Perhaps it’s a religious one, spiritual one, political one. Something that informs and guides many of your other beliefs.




If it were to turn out that this belief were not true*, would you rather know it or not know it?

is ignorance bliss?

* I realize it may be hard to Go There; we tend to hold our religious, political, spiritual, and other views so very tightly.

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Early summer brought two trips: the first to the place where I first met my late friend, Jeni, and the second in my own hometown.

Atlanta for Work

My new position with Family to Family Support Network™ took my colleagues and me to Atlanta for AWHONN’s annual convention of nurses (Association of Women’s Health, Obstetrics and Neonatal Nurses). We presented a workshop on our Unique Families Program™ and held a board meeting/planning session.

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