Strong Back, Soft Front, Wild Heart: Two Open Adoption Pioneers on Figuring it Out

It takes a strong back and a soft front to face the world.

Roshi Joan Halifax, Zen teacher,
as quoted by NYT best-selling author
Elizabeth Lesser in Cassandra Speaks
and by Brené Brown, PhD on Unlocking Us

And, I submit, to cultivate an vibrant and effective open adoption — as you’ll discover with this latest episode of Adoption: The Long View.

Three things converged as I prepared for this episode.

First, The Talk

I interviewed Kim Court, a birth mom who placed her son for adoption in 1988, and Linda Marie Mueller, who became an adoptive mom to a son in 1992. Both are my friends, and I have long wondered how each of them figured out how to create a healthy open adoption way back in its early days, before practically anyone else was doing it and before there was much guidance on it.

Prefer to read Episode 10? Here’s a transcript (but listening is so much better).

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Updated in 2020! 3 Sisters Singing in 3-Part Harmony about Peace with Love & Joy

Back in 2009, my sisters Sheri, Tami, and I got together at Christmas and recorded the song Dona Nobis Pacem. As I recall, the evening and the recording involved much giggling, not only by us but also by our children, who thought their mothers were acting very un-motherlike with all that childish frivolity.

(Our parents, on the other hand, were simply ecstatic, watching their progeny do something together that wasn’t bickering.)

Since then, I have shared that video here at the end of most years. Somehow on YouTube it has racked up 17K views, a few comments that could be either heartfelt or creepy, and two bah humbug thumbs down.

Then Came 2020

Last year, 2019, we didn’t celebrate Christmas together until January. So early in 2020, before the pandemic lock down — before we even knew it was coming — my sisters and I spent some face-to-face time working on a joint yoga project. We got together at the local YMCA for a quick DIY photo shoot, and, oh hey, let’s also sing the song again to make our parents happy.

Little did we know it would be the last time we’d all be together for the rest of the year and into the foreseeable future.

3 Sisters Singing

We’ve been hanging on to this short clip for almost the entire pandemic. Here’s the updated version of the Holden Sisters singing Dona Nobis Pacem in our small attempt to bring forth peace, joy, harmony, and love in a world that needs all those qualities more than ever.

May 2021 bring to you and your loved ones a mega-dose of love, peace, joy, and harmony.

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guide to living in open adoption

Lori Holden, mom of a teen son and a teen daughter, writes from Denver. Her book, The Open-Hearted Way to Open Adoption: Helping Your Child Grow Up Whole, is available through your favorite online bookseller and makes a thoughtful anytime gift for the adoptive families in your life. Catch episodes of Adoption: The Long View wherever you get your podcasts.

Lori was honored as an Angel in Adoption® in 2018 by the Congressional Coalition of Adoption Institute.

Abbie Goldberg, PhD: What New Research Reveals about Adoptive Families

I was surprised at how much positive shift there was in families’ approaches and beliefs about open adoption. That gave me hope that adoptive parents can change and adapt. They come to see the birth family as human beings, and they’ve developed empathy for people who they may have been fearful of.

They might have initially approached theoretical birth parents with suspicion or fear.
But they open up and grow.

Abbie Goldberg, PhD,
Professor of Psychology and
Director of Women’s and Gender Studies
at Clark University, —

Abbie Goldberg, PhD, on How Adoptive Families Evolve Over Time

In this new podcast episode of Adoption: The Long View, Abbie Goldberg, PhD, tells us

  • how families tend to change over time regarding openness;
  • how their level of openness/closedness impacts their children;
  • the role of adoption agencies in setting expectations on both sides;
  • and other wisdom gleaned from 15 years of following adoptive families.
Quote from Dr Abbie Goldberg on how adoptive & birth families need to receive the same messages from their adoption professionals.
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