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Perfect Moment Monday: Rubbed the right way

I usually go to the hair salon while the kids are in school. Ninety minutes is too long for two kids to entertain themselves and stay out of people’s hair.


But for holiday break, Tessa wanted me to bring her along. After all, her birth mom, Crystal, is my stylist. Reed joined us despite my efforts to find a boy house for him to play at.

Crystal examined my scalp and said, “Tessa! See these gray thingies here ? I can see your name on them!” She then explained that her mom had white hairs with HER name on them. “It’s genetic,” we laughed.

Crystal got busy turning me all chestnutty. Tis the season, you know, open fire and all.

Crystal was masterful at  keeping the kids busy whenever they started to get antsy. They swept hair, fetched clips and towels, tidied magazine racks.

The perfect moment came toward the end at the shampoo sink. While Crystal massaged my scalp, she told the kids to get themselves a drop of lotion over there. They both did, and Crystal instructed them to each grab one of my hands and massage it.

Have you ever had the pleasure of having both hands and your head kneaded simultaneously by people you adore?

Relaxingly, lovingly perfect.


Perfect Moment Monday is about noticing a perfect moment rather than creating one. Perfect moments can be momentous or ordinary or somewhere in between.

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