Perfect Moment Monday: insert baseball metaphor here

On a recent warm day, Roger gave me some time alone (which, good blogger that I am, I spent online with y’all). After a bit, I decided to see what he and the kids were up to in the back yard.

He was teaching them how to play baseball. How to hold up your back elbow and lean into your back foot when batting. To make sure you touch the bases when running ’round them. To keep your eye on the ball. Definitions of “strike,” “ball,” and “home run.”

And then he broke into the delightfully off-key lyrics of Sweet Caroline.

The three were laughing and learning and running and playing, and I joined them.

I got in there and played catcher for awhile. And I realized this was a perfect moment, full of presence and promise and potential.


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1. Frenchie is touched by events near and far.

2. Kyle, age 10, counts down the number of elections before he can vote (2 more). AND he gets a speaking solo in a church play.

3. Melissa takes inventory (8 cans o’ beans and 10 Rice-a-Ronis) and feels great satisfaction when she looks in her newly-organized pantry.

4. Lollipop and her twins watch their first movie in its (almost) entirety.

5. Michelle gets a small gift that is a HUGE testament of love.

6. Cara might be having the same thoughts Mr Osmond or Mr Jackson did many years ago.

7. Delenn is both the explorer and the exploree.

8. L observes the moments between sleep and wakefulness.

9. Kami‘s moment happens in the outdoors with two companions.

10. Stacie takes her giraffes to the zoo.


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