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Perfect Moment Monday: Jab/Cross

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Here’s a perfect moment from my week. I hope you’ll share yours, too.


Y’all know about my passions. My family, yoga, blogging, and exploring the complexities of open adoption. A few months ago, I fell into a new one.

I was late one Saturday morning to a class at the gym so I decided to take the next one. It had always looked waaaaay too far above my athletic abilities, both in endurance and in coordination.

It was a TurboKick class. And even though I was intimidated, this is my year of facing fears, so I decided to go in, hang out in the back, and get through it the best I could.

Did I mention I hadn’t been in an aerobic-type class in more than a decade? That I really hate to sweat? That I always assume others are better than I am and will laugh at me?

No matter. I went in. And LOVED IT! I had never ever thrown a punch before. Now I knew four different kinds. Plus four different kinds of kicks, to boot (haha). A dozen classes later, I still don’t look as boxing-ring-ready as the instructor does, but my form is slowly getting better.

I feel my body changing. I’m stronger in my core. I can give more longer. And it just feels good. I feel powerful.

Who woulda guessed that jab + cross + hook + uppercut = perfect moment?


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32 Responses

  1. Makes me want to give it a try! Good for you for still trying despite being intimidated, don’t you love those surprises that life sometimes offers!?


  2. Back when I used to do classes, I found kickboxing to be the most effective. The fun element depended on the teacher.

    Personally my favorite was the hitch kick. Hi-ya!

  3. Sounds like fun! I’m also feeling a bit intimidated by the classes at my gym. Standing at the back sounds like a good strategy! 🙂

  4. Wow. The video was intimidating! You and I have similar feelings about working out and trying something like this. I’d be right in the back of the class with you! Still, I imagine as you start to master it, it becomes almost a little addictive. I find whenever I get back into an exercise routine, I start to feel really good. For some reason, I’m always shocked how it builds up my self-esteem and shores up my sense of self. Empowering is definitely the right word for it.

    Congrats on tackling something you weren’t sure of and falling in love with it!

  5. And can I mention that Lori has an upper-cut that would intimidate Sylvester Stallone? That Mike Tyson would wince from her kicks?

    Well, maybe she’s not THAT good, but she’s good. Very good. No need for her to feel intimidated!

    And I get to get back to jab-crossing with her soon! Perfect moment for me.

  6. Because I am a clod, I won’t even join a gym. But, I have a Kick & Jab workout that I do at home sometimes. I hadn’t done it in a while, but that was my workout the other morning. My shoulders are still sore.

    Good for you for trying something different. I hope no one ever tries to mug you!

  7. Good for you. Glad you’re enjoying it. Looking at that video though makes me think I would hurt myself trying some of those moves. I’m not very coordinated.

  8. What fun. I studied karate for many years and was the fittest ever during that time. It’s so fun, isn’t it. You use your head to learn the combinations and your big muscles for power and quick twitch muscles for speed reactions.
    Hopefully you’ll never have to use it, but knowing that you can throw a punch does give you a certain amount of confidence.
    Enjoy. Thanks for sharing. It helps remind me of many perfect moments I had on the mat.

    Perfect Moment Project

  9. You go girl!

    Here’s a TMI for you but it’s hilarious…now. I pulled a vaginal muscle doing Tae Bo once. Yeah, I didn’t know you could pull those either. You can. So I avoid workouts where I have to raise my leg and kick in any direction. I like my happy zone to stay happy.

    I’m glad you enjoy it, it’s interesting to me how much I like some things I never thought I would.

  10. Sounds like it all adds up perfectly!

    I’m so glad you found something you like AND it’s good for you.

    Hopefully I’ll get to go with you again on Spring Break!

  11. Oooooh, I would love to do something like this! Kicking some butt and taking some names, you go girl.

  12. Wow! That video scares me just a bit, but I bet the workout is awesome! And how cool that you jumped right in and gave it a try – and that you are enjoying it!

  13. Love this idea! Good for you for taking that class! When my knees were better, I did love these classes. Unfortunately, I now battle a healing broken foot and everything must be low-impact! Happy ICLW! Just added your link to my blog!

  14. FlyingMonkeys — too funny! And the most quotable comment of the day.

    Hey, y’all — CatherineMcEachern is my but-kicking teacher. Hi, Cat!

    She makes us meow when she says her name. So meow.

  15. I love a good exercise class! I forget how good exercise makes me feel until I haven’t done it in awhile. I REALLY need to start running again. Or just do a yoga tape. Thanks for the inspiration!

  16. Fun!! I love aerobics classes. I’m such a wimp w/ other things, but somehow I’m able to coordinate and follow the commands shouted out. I kick serious butt in Step! Lol.. Glad you tried it out!!

  17. WOW! Lori you are ROCKIN it in class and I think you’ll agree the class is much easier and more doable than the video leads on to! Everyone can do Turbo Kick and if you’re an at-home workout type of person, you can do it with Turbo Jam from Team Beachbody (!

  18. I haven’t been to a gym in years! I did use to enjoy the aerobic classes though. I felt like a dork at first, but then I looked around and everyone looked stupid actually, so it was all good. People tried to act like they knew what they were doing, including me, but they were not fooling anyone. LOL.

  19. I’m just impressed that you continuously go to a class. I’m a basement exerciser just so no one else can see me and I don’t have to get my ass into a car 🙂

  20. Turbo Kick!? Sounds like quite the workout and fun! Have you ever tried Zumba? Dancing fun while getting a workout!

  21. Great Perfect Moment Monday! I heart the martial arts and hope to get my second degree black belts someday.

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