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Perfect Moment Monday: Daddy + daughter + (good)drama

This month’s Perfect Moment Monday lands directly in the aftermath of Christmas. I hope it has been a fantastic one for you, filled with love and joy and peace and family (and with luck those things go together!).


Tessa is having a little difficulty with math facts. Roger tries to help her grasp a concept while he’s cooking dinner (that in itself is a perfect moment, no?). I overhear their exchange from my perch on the couch while I’m writing at the laptop. It’s not going well for him, for her.

He comes at the lesson from multiple angles. After several tries I hear him getting frustrated, having run out of different ways to explain the same thing. Once dinner is in the oven, the two of them migrate into the family room.

I am about to step in with a fresh perspective and patience when suddenly — “click” — Tessa gets it.

To cement the learning, Roger throws out another problem with the same concept. She gets it! And another and another and another. Boom, boom and boom — she’s got it!

Each time she gives her Daddy an answer, he drops to the floor dumbfounded. And each time she giggles hysterically at her ability to shock him with her brilliance. This goes on for 10 minutes, neither of them tiring of amusing the other with their slapstick banter.

It’s such a simple and loving scene and it adds up to a perfect moment for me.

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11 Responses

  1. How awesome is that!

    Glad R made every effort to help Tessa understand the concept, and glad daddy and daughter enjoyed themselves thoroughly while at it.

  2. What an amazing Dad Tessa has! That brought a tear to my eye! Now I have to go freshen up my make-up before our family portraits! ;op

    Wishing you and yours a BLESSED new year!

  3. That is awesome! It’s easy to have that kind of silliness with a youngster/toddler, but with a tween, I bet those moments don’t occur often enough.

  4. I struggled with learning to add and subtract until my older brother figured out a way to help me. He must have felt pretty proud of himself as a teenager teaching his little sister such a simple concept that was frustrating my mother as well as my teacher. He took buttons all the same size and they had to be the same color too to show me how to add. It’s obvious now that I had a learning disability. I am still not great at math, but that’s only because my teachers didn’t have buttons :). Sweet story Lori about a father-daughter moment.

  5. Thank you for sharing that daddy/daughter perfect moment. I appreciate that you included what led up to it too, as so often the struggle makes the accomplishment that much sweeter.

    Our Christmas was filled with an abundance of love, joy, peace and family and I do feel blessed and lucky that most of the time in our life they do go together! I hope yours was wonderful too!

  6. That’s such a perfect moment! I’m glad you shared it with us. I’m planning on joining the Perfect Moment Monday gang (or movement…?) soon as well, it’s such a great idea, plus it fits perfectly with a Positive Psychology workshop I’m currently following.

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