Perfect Start

My friend and I met on New Year’s Day at the beautiful Dushanbe Tea House in a nearby suburb. It’s the second time in a row we’ve met there on this day, making it our brand new New Year’s tradition.

The food is delicious and just a bit exotic. The architecture and aesthetics are gorgeous.

perfect start to 2016

Over tea and brunch, we covered the important areas of our lives, getting up to speed with each other on all that has transpired since we were last together.  Just before we were to part, my friend remembered she’d brought a Tarot deck. She’s been toying around, learning the cards. She pulled a bundle out of her bag and invited me to pick a card from her deck for a quick reading.

I got Chariot Reversed (shown upright here for easier viewing).

tarot chariot

  • From Biddy Tarot: Be open to spontaneity and new experiences, even if it is not aligned to your original plan.
  • From Crystal Clear Reflections: Your approach of will-power has proven unsuccessful…Seek another approach to your difficulties – will power alone cannot always sustain you. Learn to give way to the spirit within you.

What — me? Control freak? Bwahahaha. Universe, you know me so well. In the dance between making things happen and letting things happen, I’m getting the message that in 2016 I may want to focus more on the latter.

How did you ring in the new year?


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14 thoughts on “Perfect Start”

  1. That tea house looks amazing!

    Your friend and I seem to have the exact same version of that Rider-Waite Deck – coolness! Usually when I draw the Chariot reversed, I usually see it as I’ve been “spinning my wheels” and I need to flip things around in order to get back on the right road. I love the two interpretations you posted too.

    Now I want to start planning a New Year’s Day tradition for next year – thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Very cool reading: ) the universe definitely tells us what we need to hear when we are willing to listen.

    I never stay up for New Years and usually opt to work New Year’s Day, as we are lame homebodies anymore. But since I’m still on maternity leave and had no where to be but up with a baby, I watched the live Jimmy Buffett concert that was streaming from New York Barklay Center and wishing it was warmer weather!!

  3. Beautiful building! Interesting, a tarot card for the new year. Sounds like a good focus to me! I was sick on New Year’s eve and so toasted with grapefruit sparkling water, not champagne, which was a bummer. However, it’s not the start of a new year without: a) a totally clean house with all the old dirt removed, especially vacuuming/sweeping/dusting/tub and tile and toilet scrubbing, b) a bowl of fruit, preferably oranges, on the table (we had 16), c) midnight brings banging of pots with spoons out the front door and then the back door while yelling barbarically to scare away the bad luck spirits, d) coincidentally we had tea water boiling, my grandmother said have a tea kettle singing at midnight, e) Bryce has to read a math book, also at midnight, which means he has some interesting splitting to do between the math and the pot-banging. That is supposed to bring a good year… Bryce broke a spoon for the second year in a row and last year was pretty darn good, so I can only assume that means good things for 2016. Maybe even the best thing. 🙂 Happy new year to you!

  4. What a lovely way to ring in the new year. I spent mine quarantined with a kid with pink eye, and then at work prepping to go back. But it’s okay because the weekend before was amazing and I was still on a high from that. 😉

  5. The tea house is gorgeous. A fun tradition.

    I’ve been thinking about tarot a lot lately. Maybe it becomes true if you believe it to be true.

  6. I love tearooms! 🙂

    NYE was nothing hugely special. We decided not to brave the restaurant lineups (most places hereabouts are family-style chain restaurants that don’t take reservations) & ordered in Chinese. Dh fell asleep around 11 but woke up just before midnight. We were in bed by 12:30.

  7. Ooh, where is that teahouse? That looks gorgeous!

    Not much to report for New Year’s. I started it off with a whopping head cold. Yay, winter?

    Cold is all gone, and truthfully wasn’t really that bad. But New Year’s Day? I didn’t do anything. (relatively speaking because , kids)

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