four seasons of a tree

Time To Every Purpose, Under Heaven

Four seasons, one tree. My backyard.

four seasons of a tree

Click to hear each season (thanks to Antonio Vivaldi):

Autumn       Winter

Summer       Spring


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Tell me about the seasons in your neck of the woods. What do you notice out your window through the year?

11 thoughts on “Time To Every Purpose, Under Heaven”

  1. How amazing is it that my anti-spam word was “mindful”? Because that’s what this does for me. Brings me right into the moment. 🙂 I notice what you do, thankfully … which is why I left LA. I need the demarcation of time that nature offers me. It grounds me.

  2. Love this. I used to take the same picture every season of a beautiful tree in our backyard when we lived in Syracuse. So cool to see the changes every year.”

  3. I love when you do this.

    I just saw a baby bunny in my backyard. A tiny thing. Maybe 5 inches long. Barely able to hop. There are two larger rabbits who live back there. I’m so excited that there is now a third. I want more of them!

  4. I used to have a boyfriend who played the violin and he hated The Four Season with an unreasonable passion. Now, every time I see that, it makes me laugh…

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