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Show & Tell: Gaggle

EVERY body flocked to Target last week.
Darn Canadians.
See the cool stuff my classmates are showing and telling over at Mel’s Show & Tell.

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28 Responses

  1. Just imagine how different it would be if that was a long flock of turkey vultures all walking into Target. Spooky!

  2. You should see the traffic jams they cause in our office park. It’s so funny to see all these cars scrambling to get to or from work and having to sit and wait for a flock of geese to cross the road. Thankfully most people do have patience.

  3. I have geese envy. I’m Canadian, there are no Target where I live. They can go where they want and go shopping. So unfair.

  4. Yes, all the rumours about us Canadians being reserved are all lies, lies I tell you! :)-

    Great photo.

  5. That is so cute, I wonder if they were having a sale on birdseed.
    I miss you too, I have a backlog of perfect moments to share, think of you often w/<3.

  6. What’s up with those geese this year? I saw about 100 of them sitting in a field today. They are everywhere – and if they’re at Target, they’re spending too much time in the suburbs and not enough time in the wild!

  7. Hey! Were those geese in marching band?

    If so, where are their Q-tip hats, wool/hot uniforms and white shoes with purple soles? Can they march eight steps to every ten yards?

    “Purple (Canadian Goose) Pride??”

  8. GEESE!!!! I love the geese! We have a gaggle who hang out in this marsh at the end of our road, and they routinely bring traffic to a halt on a very busy road. (They gave me a birthday gift this year when I got in a snit and insisted that my husband not acknowledge my birthday… long story, but the geese came through and got me a sweet gift)

  9. Great catch – and funny tagline! It is nice to know that the inability to pass by a Target without stopping isn’t limited to just humans.

  10. I have gease envy we don’t see Canada ones around here only the white domesticated ones.

    Cute picture! 🙂

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