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sisters giggling about silly things

Sister Silliness

My sisters and I started the morning chatting about some family news. We checked in about how back-to-school has been for our college, high school, middle school, elementary and pre-preschool kiddos. We joked about all the free time we should thus be having but don’t.

I can’t tell you exactly how we meandered there, but the topic came up of a person who has a reputation for arrogance. My sisters and I, all yoga doers, were puzzled that this dude — also a yoga person — seemed stuck on himself and  a deflator of others.

Now, my sisters and I are prone to go off on tangents and giggle for hours (remember Gynee College?). When Tami said this…

sisters giggling about silly things

…I turned it into a meme.  (That’s not him, for the record.)

I’m not sure if y’all will chuckle at it like we did, but damn, in that moment, it was FUNNY.

The last time you and your besties couldn’t stop giggling, what was it about?


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11 Responses

  1. I’m smiling! 😉

    It’s always puzzling to be around those who deflate, especially in a situation that is meant to promote self reflection and general acceptance. But yoga can bring out the strange in some people. Maybe it’s because it taps into something primal?

  2. ha ha! that was funny. Enjoyed it 😉
    Recently, I was chatting with my school friends on Whatsapp and that conversation left me giggling. So much fun it was that as I write this, I can’t stop smiling.

    coincidentally, my microblog today is also about yoga 🙂

  3. I love hearing stories about your sisters. It doesn’t make me sad anymore that I missed out, but rather I can live vicariously through wonderful friends like you when you share about your closeness.

    “We had a lasting friendship, like a big all-day lollipop with colorful swirls. My make-believe sister and I shared in girl talk, whispered secrets, and silly giggles.”

  4. Thankfully, I have a lot of people around me with whom I get to share a lot of good frequent laughs. (husband, kids, friends). An arrogant yoga person you say? You’d think the 2 things would somehow cancel each other out wouldn’t you? Is that like very angry very religious people? I’ve heard a few yell at the top of their lungs that they’re praying for someone they’re mad at. Or that they’re going to forgive and go on with life because God is good and He’ll punish them.

  5. Love it! 😀

    The last time I couldn’t stop giggling involved a convo with the kidlets and hubby. I’ll refrain from repeating it, but it was essentially a Malaprop moment (something one of the three is known for). Love moments like that!

  6. I love that! It is definitely worth a meme. I had several good nights out last week with friends, and whilst we didn’t come up with anything that meant we couldn’t stop giggling, we did have some belly laughs, and those are always good!

  7. The last time I giggled a lot was when my girl very quickly spat out the banana bite she tried. It wasn’t so funny really, but my boy and I laughed and then my girl did too.
    I love moments like that. And I’m grinning at the meme.

  8. LOL!!! Good one!! I can’t remember what set us off — some old family story — but I remember my sister & I started laughing last year at Christmastime, to the point that tears were rolling down my face. She always guards her emotions very carefully, but we both completely cracked up — and seeing her crack up like that only made me laugh harder. Dh said he’d never seen her like that, and it was the funniest thing he’d seen in a long time. I hadn’t had a good laugh like that in eons. It’s good for the soul! 🙂

  9. Oh wow, that meme is AMAZING! I have known people like that. Forget about YOU, let’s do more about ME. So strange in a practice that’s supposed to be reflective and add communion of sorts. I think seeing Ghostbusters with my girlfriends was the last time I giggled uncontrollably with them, and then recapping favorite scenes after.

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