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stillness in duality

Stillness in Contention

I’m craving stillness as we in the United States near the end of this particularly contentious election season. Stillness takes us from the frenetic edge of the spinning sphere to the still center, to our core.

Stillness is how we bring unity from duality. 

And I don’t know about you, but boy, have I been feeling duality, polarization, split-at-the-seams. It’s uncomfortable.

I yearn for the opposite.

stillness in duality

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13 Responses

  1. AMEN! to that. I’m so ready for Wednesday! Saying a prayer that the most qualified person will win. ?
    See you folks on the other side!

  2. This morning I was reading my FB memories. I have posts in past years that remind me that’s it the anniversary of my adoptive mother’s death. Some years, I have felt very jinxed, for example getting an expensive traffic ticket and just out-of-sort feelings of, “Are you sure she is really deceased?” But today, I was thinking, “Wouldn’t it be ironic if she had passed away on November 8th instead of the 7th?” It certainly would have been fitting for this contentious election. I think many of us are going to need a stiff drink by the time tomorrow night gets here.

  3. Yesterday, I made my first, and only, “political” post on Facebook. I shared a memory from 4 years ago – George Takei posted a quote (“I never considered a difference of opinion in politics, in religion, in philosophy, as cause for withdrawing from a friend.” – Thomas Jefferson) with the comment, “Today, as we enjoy the cherished privilege of casting our votes for the leaders of a country we all love, we would be well reminded to consider these words from one of our great, founding leaders. For we must also stand together, even if across a political divide.”

    When I shared it, I wrote – “This popped up in my FB Memories today, and seems more relevant than ever. I have many friends whose choices tomorrow are different from mine. They are voting for candidates (or not voting at all) for reasons I don’t understand or agree with. Even in cases that our choice overlaps, the rational behind it is still different. However, if I ever want to effect positive change in the world, hanging out with people who think exactly like me isn’t, in my humble opinion, the best way to do it.”

    Three guesses how fast it took for people to reply, “yes, but… ” *sigh*

    Bring on the silence!

  4. Oh, silence. Something to look forward to. It’s so hard to find silence in the mayhem right now. I have a rule that I don’t post my own political posts (unless it’s a really good one that’s not nasty), and I don’t bother commenting on others’ who disagree with me. Because the disagreeing gets SO NASTY, so quick. I hope tomorrow goes well and our country can be kind again. I hope for no violence on or after Election Day. I hope for peace and relief when it’s all counted out.

  5. The quote makes so much sense. The build-up to the US President election is coming to an end in next 2 days. It has been a lot of drama this time and the world has been watching it over. I don’t think before this, anytime in history, the whole world with or without the political interests would have been tremendously invested in the United States’s next president.

  6. Yeah, so I’m one of the divisive apparently. 😉

    I voted 5 days after my ballot came in the mail. Now it feels anticlimactic and nail biting all at the same time.

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