Tune in Wednesday; I’m on MomTV

I’m going to be on Adoption Angles Wednesday evening (tomorrow!) at 7 pm MST (that’s 9 pm to you east coasters, 6 pm to you west coasters, and 8 pm to you centralites).

Host Melissa has told me all I need is a webcam and a Merlot. I’m all set as far as she’s concerned, but I also think I’d better come up with something to say.

My topic is open adoption. Is there anything specific you’d like me to talk about? Any questions for me?

Melissa and I both hope you tune in for the live version. You can text chat comments and questions to us. (I’m waiting for the technology that would allow you to freshen up our wine glasses as necessary.) To watch and/or participate, just click on the image above, and on that page you’ll be able to “Click to Enter Chat.”

We are hoping for a full, friendly house. The webcast is set to be 60 minutes long, but if I run out of material I’ll just spend the last half-hour telling bad knock-knock jokes.

The recorded session will be available Thursday, and unless I totally bomb, I’ll put the video up here later in the week.

And one more thing. One of you TOTALLY made my day. (But I will never know who you are because Lollipop Goldstein is so tight-lipped. I am going to threaten her with crickets when I go out to see her next month). Somebody wrote a beautiful ode to me, which I have printed and placed in my wallet for times when I need a pick-me-up.

Thank you, and Namaste. May you be showered with blessings.

13 thoughts on “Tune in Wednesday; I’m on MomTV”

  1. Yeah, watch out y’all. If you don’t feed us good questions, we’re gonna break out in show tunes.

  2. CAN’T WAIT CAN’T WAIT! It’ll be a blast and you’ll do great!

    (PS.. Remember we always have Plan B.. “I got chills, they’re muliplyin’..”)

  3. JJ and Baby Smiling: thx for your good wishes!

    Sheri: hope you can. With a merlot, of course.

    Calli: too funny!

  4. woooo!!! so proud!

    and be careful..” a webcam and a merlot” sounds like a way to make some extra cash 😉


  5. I read the Ode to you and it is very true.

    No matter what topic comes up tonight if you simply be YOU and address it like you do everything else in your life — with OPENNESS and AUTHENTICITY — it will be perfect!

    We have some family activities tonight, but I’ll try to tune in (and maybe even join you with a Merlot).

  6. Break a leg!

    On second thought, given the luck of some others in the Weebles family last year, don’t break anything.

  7. I am tightlipped 🙂

    BUT I’m watching you right now on Adoption Angles! I know I’m late, but you are so lovely and smart. I just had to pause to come over and say that.

  8. I got off work late and missed the whole thing except the last few minutes. I hope that you do post so that I can watch it this weekend. I can’t wait to see it!

  9. I missed the live airing, but was able to catch the recording this evening. You looked terrific, and I so enjoyed listening to you share your thoughts and experience.

    And I have to agree with whomever wrote your ode – you really do write with such a feeling of peacefulness and mindfulness – I love it!

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