How did Gwyneth name Goop?

5 Easy Steps to Goop Yourself

Yeah, Gwyneth Paltrow as front page news is fading as other more timely topics encroach (Letterman’s exit, Lorde embracing her flaws, or that couple banned from naming their son “WikiLeaks”).

But still she’s on my mind. Or at least her website,, is. How did it get such a silly name?

I’m guessing it’s either this, or that Gwyneth simply put some repeating vowels in between her first and last initials.

So à la Slate’s Travoltify your Name or its Relationship Status Generator, I offer you this low tech way to Gwynify your own personal website in five easy steps

  1. Determine your first and last initials
  2. Choose a vowel: a, e, i, o, u or even a y.
  3. Double your chosen vowel: aa, ee, ii, oo, uu, or even yy.
  4. Place the doubled vowels in between your first and last initial.
  5. Add .com. Or .net if you’re feeling edgy.

Example: I’m Lori Holden. I choose “u.” I’m not that edgy. Therefore, my own personal Gwynified website would be

How did Gwyneth name Goop?

How about you? What’s your own personal Gwynified website?

24 thoughts on “5 Easy Steps to Goop Yourself”

  1. Mine are HS so the only thing that makes sense to me is HOUSE. I don’t want HISS or HEES. Yuk. I’m trying to be a homemaker so maybe that will suit me.

  2. What do you think: CAAL (no, too close to college football) CEEL (no, too “pop star”), CIIL (no, the i and the l would get confused — the whole lowercase uppercase conundrum), (can I even do that?), (has potential…maybe made exotic by an ü ), CYYL (no, looks like a drug – with unpleasant side effects. Gee, I hope that’s not me).

  3. The problem lies with having a C at the end. I use CAC as my initials, but the end C cries out for a K and then it sounds like the noise a hen makes. there’s no good choice here.

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