Infertility and adoption on the Super Bitter Infertiles podcast

Pee on all the thingsI got to be part of a podcast recently with the Super Bitter Infertiles. As part of her Faces of ALI series,  JJiraffe interviewed me, along with Mo and Cristy (Shelley was on vacation and I didn’t get to “meet” her).

We laughed, we cried. It was better than Cats.

The gals chat first about TTC (trying to conceive) stuff, then I join the party at 44:00 for about 25 minutes.

We talk about:

  • Why I don’t blog in real time when significant storylines in my life are unfolding.
  • The hard-stop of my TTC  journey and how it almost killed me. But didn’t!
  • What two things I did to survive my failure-to-thrive period.
  • The book that put me back in the driver’s seat, family-building-wise.
  • How to avoid splitting-the-baby.
  • How — and why — I embraced open adoption.

The gals then top off the podcast dishing about Snooki, Holly Madison, Honey Boo Boo’s mama, a Kardashian (the one whose name starts with a K), Megan Fox, and a bunch of other names that I can legitimately put in this post and thusly show up more often in search engines. Thanks, ladies!

How do they make bitter so fun?

(Available for download on iTunes, as well.)

Take a listen and subscribe to future podcasts of the Super Bitter Infertiles.

9 thoughts on “Infertility and adoption on the Super Bitter Infertiles podcast”

  1. It was such a privilege and honor to interview you: you bring such depth, knowledge and reason to a subject so few understood. Thank you for taking your message to the pod waves 🙂

  2. That was a great podcast! I’m eagerly awaiting your book. I love how you talked about getting over our insecurities for the health of our children. On the outside, I have been “pretending” that I don’t have any (personal) insecurities about our open adoption, but I really do on the inside. I’m working on having my pretend self convince my inner self to see the light. 🙂 It gets a little better every day though….

  3. Lori, I heard the podcast and your voice sounds just like I imagined it. Weird, huh? I wanted to let you know that I finally posted the response to the article on magical thinking. I don’t expect you to link it but I wanted you to know. It makes me a little nervous because I tend to write about personal stories and try to stay away from writing just on convictions. I have yet to have a mean comment in the two years I’ve been blogging (I know, rare, right?) but I really felt compelled to respond that there is a middle ground between “God made this child just for me” and “God has nothing to do with this.” You may still disagree with me, but I hope at least you can “hear” in my words the sorrow I felt at those comments made in the article.

  4. I have their blog bookmarked & started listening to the first podcast a few days ago; need to get back to it again soon (& listen to your episode too!). Brilliant idea!

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